5 Best WordPress Opt-In Plugins in 2021

Since email is one of the most effective marketing channels, it is absolutely critical that every website should have an opt-in mechanism for them to correspond with their visitors. Your website will grow faster and you will make more money if you have a large and engaging email list. In today's world, businesses need to deploy opt-in forms in more than one location on website, add content upgrades, use page level targeting, run split tests to boost conversions, trigger forms based on user behavior, and use other cutting-edge tactics. Analyzo has listed the best Wordpress Email Opt-In plugins for you to choose from.

Best WordPress Opt-In Plugins

Hello Bar
Price : Free

Hello Bar is a popular tool that runs across the top of several websites and can trigger several call to actions such as Email Subscribe, Social Following, Sharing etc. Just like most modern opt-in tools, hello bar also lets you A/B test your opt-in forms.

Price : Free - Custom

Sumo List Builder is a part of a suite of tools developed by Appsumo. List Builder also comes with exit-intent technology similar to OptinMonster. The free version allows a few customizations but for advanced features like A/B Testing you will have to subscribe to their paid plans.  
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Price : $9/Month-$29/Month

OptinMonster provides a lot of customization options. One of its most powerful features is its Exit Intent technology. It detects when a user is about to leave your website and will cause a popup to appear just before they would leave. Aside from exit-intent, OptinMonster also has trigger options
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Price : Free

Rapidology integrates with all the most popular email marketing solutions and delivers all the basic email opt-in functionality. It even provides opt-in stats and a good level of customization.
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Wordpress Opt-In Plugin
Price : Free

This is a free opt-in plugin from the Wordpress community that provides a high level of customization. It is not as easy to integrate as the other tools, but its free and has good community support. It provides all the standard opt-in features and integrates with a variety of email marketing solutions.

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