4 Best Website Search Tools in 2021

Search engines offer a convenient way for people to locate things on your site using the words which they are familiar with. When your website's users can easily find what they want on your site, they are less likely to go away disappointed. Website Search Tools improve your site's navigation and provides your visitors with another way to locate items on your website. Analyzo has listed the best Website Search Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best Website Search Tools

Google's Custom Search Engine
Price : Free

Google Site Search brings the same search technology that powers Google.com to your website, delivering relevant results with lightning speed. Match the look and feel of search results to your website by using your own logo and color scheme.

Price : Starting at $79/month

With Swiftype, create and manage a search experience tailored to your specific needs in no time. Swiftype is built on an advanced search algorithm that delivers relevant results for even the most complicated queries.

Price : Free - Custom

Sooqr offers a fast, relevant and self-learning search engine for your website. Its fast and relevant results helps your visitors find their way, regardless of the number of articles. With Sooqr you're in control. You decide what's important and how it looks best.

Price : $299/month - Custom

Cludo helps your users find relevant results even if they don't use the same words as you. It gives you full control over the search, enabling you to promote and manage content easily. The intelligent dashboard provides timely insights to improve the quality of your website content.

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FAQ's for Website Search Tools

What are Website Search Tools?

Website Search Tools embed a search box in your website, giving your users the ability to search for content the way they would on a search engine. When a user searches for something, they crawl the website and display the URLs that match the user's searched phrases/words. Website Search Tools help websites improve visitor retention rate, as when the users are able to find what they are looking for, they are less likely to go away disappointed.

Has Google discontinued its Website Search Tool?

Google will shut down its long-running Website Search Tool by April 1, 2018. It had discontinued its sale last year and it will be shut down completely by April 1, 2018. This, however, does not affect Google's Custom Search Engine which remains active.

How do I integrate a Website Search Tool in to my website/blog?

After deciding which Website Search Tool you wish to use for your website/blog, you can register for that product by submitting your domain details as well as your personal details. You will then get a small piece of code from your Website Search Tool provider which you will have to add to your website's code. Once you do that, you would have successfully integrated the Website Search Tool in to your website/blog.

Do I need to manually submit each page to a website search tool?

When you signup with a Website Search Tool provider, you will have to submit the pages you want to integrate with the search tool. Majority of the Website Search Tool providers give you an option of including all pages whose address contains the URL you submitted or include just the specific page you submitted. It should be noted, however, that subdomains are not included even if you have chosen the former option.

Do third party Website Search Tools have auto complete?

Auto complete is a useful feature to have in your search tool. Auto complete means the search tool will automatically complete a user's query as he/she is typing it and suggest the most plausible result. While not all Website Search Tools offer this functionality, many of them do, for example, Swiftype, Sooqr and Google's Custom Search Engine.
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