7 Best Website Load Testing Tools in 2021

Website Load Testing Tools are used to simulate a large number of users doing a particular set of actions on your website. The objective of this would be to evaluate the performance of a website under heavy traffic conditions. The tools tack overall performance like page load times, http status codes etc. You need tools like these to help you quickly track down bugs and performance issues to keep things running smoothly because what works in the ideal environment (i.e. your production environment) won't necessarily work in the end. Website Load Testing Tools test whether a website can withstand the load of current requests, users, and data volumes when in use. Analyzo has listed the best Website Load Testing Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Website Load Testing Tools

Load Impact
Price : Free - Custom

Load Impact is a leading online load and performance testing service that lets the users test their website, web-app, mobile app or API over the Internet. Load Impact provides load testing and reporting as an online service to customers all over the world.
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Price : Free-$99.95/Month

Loader by SendGrid is a fully manageable data monitoring and assessment application. It is a fully centralized hub that gathers all the user's server feeds into one place and generates reports based on their performance.

Price : Pay-As-You-Go

LoadStorm is a cloud load testing solution to find the scalability of web or mobile applications. LoadStorm PRO allows the users to work entirely on a cloud based platform.
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Price : $99/Month-$299/Month

FloodIO is a collection of performance test automation tools deployed on cloud resources, making them an inexpensive test asset for a wide variety of testing needs. FloodIO can be used to execute basic URL load tests to more advanced JMeter and Gatling based test plans.

Price : Free - On Request

BlazeMeter offers a cross-enterprise test automation framework. The product enables engineers to run load tests on any mobile app, website, or API, simulating more than one million concurrent users on a developer-friendly self-service platform from any of the public clouds.
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Price : £10.95/Month - On Request

Load Focus allows the users to test their Web or Mobile Application and APIs with thousands of concurrent users. It helps to measure the user's website speed and get insights to optimize the performance of their websites.

Apache JMeter
Price : Free

Apache JMeter is a Java based 100% open-source software that is used for load testing. It is used to simulate how a web application would perform under stress/heavy-load conditions. It works for both static as well as dynamic applications.

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FAQ's for Website Load Testing Tools

Which is the best Website Load Testing Tool?

While we cannot say which is the "best" website load testing tool out of so many that are available, we have listed the most prominent ones for you to choose from based on your needs and requirements. Some major names in this industry are Load Impact, Loader, BlazeMeter and LoadStorm.

What are the features of Website Load Testing Tools?

Multi-Location Testing: It gives developers the ability to send traffic from more than one location.
Geo-Location Testing: This allows developers to select where the traffic will be sent from.
Scheduling: Users should be able to schedule tests that are run automatically at a specific date & time.
Analytics: Easy-to-understand analytics let users know how the load testing went by providing key metrics.

What do Website Load Testing Tools do?

Website Load Testing Tools are used to simulate stress conditions where a web application is tested to see how it performs under huge amounts of traffic. They help find bugs that may not show up under normal circumstances. Website Load Testing is very important to the functioning of a website as it uncovers problems that you can never find out with basic testing. It is important to solve the problems in order to improve the website's performance.

What is Website Load Testing?

What's the first thing you do after you've finished development? You test your web application to see if it works properly or not and if it does, what do you do next? You deploy it. But there is one small problem with this process, when you test your web application by yourself, you are testing it under normal circumstances. What this tells you is that your app works fine under normal circumstances but what it does not tell you is how it will perform in real-life scenarios.
Website Load Testing is precisely concerned with this. It simulates heavy traffic and puts your application under load to see how it performs under stress conditions. This is useful as it helps you know if your website will work properly or not in real-life situations.
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