7 Best Visitor Identification Software in 2021

Companies use Visitor Identification Software for converting visitors into customers by profiling the people who visit their websites. Most analytics tools only offer statistics like number of visits, and the number of visitors, but no detailed information on the profile of website visitors. Visitor Identification Software help salespeople convert website visitors into a lead by providing them with the missing information. These software can also be used by marketers to better target visitors with content. Analyzo has listed the best Visitor Identification Software that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Visitor Identification Software

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VisitorTrack uncovers the anonymous business visitors coming to your website. Get details about the Companies and the People who work there. Now you can identify and take action on fresh new opportunities.

Price : Starting at $900/month

At any given moment, majority of your website visitors are invisible. Many are warm or hot prospects actively engaging with your content to figure out if you can deliver what they’re looking for.

Price : $59/month - $299/month

Leadfeeder integrates to your Google Analytics and other marketing tools to turn website visitors into sales leads. Leadfeeder uses your Google Analytics data to show real companies visiting your website. It integrates to your CRM and email marketing tools to increase your sales intelligence.

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Clicky is a real time web analytics tool which allows its user to analyze, monitor and react to their traffic in real time. Clicky lets you see every visitor and every action they take on your web site, with the option to attach custom data to visitors, such as usernames or email addresses.

Price : From $29/month

Leadberry is a web based B2B lead generation software that converts website visitors to sales leads. Powered by Google Analytics, Leadberry's B2B lead generation software analyzes traffic of your B2B visitors and filters out tremendous amount of unuseful data so that only the right prospects remain in your focus.

Price : From $33/month

WhosOn comes with a powerful web analytics engine and multiple features.

Lead Forensics
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Identify leads in real-time with Lead Forensics. Instantly identify your anonymous website visitors' contact details including: i. Business Name ii. Contact Information iii. Demographics iv. Search Behaviour v. Financial Data. Gain the competitive edge and never miss a sales opportunity again.

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FAQ's for Visitor Identification Software

Which is the best Visitor Identification Software?

Top Visitor Identification Software, such as, VisitorTrack, Leadfeeder and Act-On can be used by businesses to identify the users coming onto their websites. This helps them focus on those leads that have the potential to convert. They help improve the sales, in turn, helping businesses generate more revenue.

What information do Visitor Identification Software provide?

The information provided by Visitor Identification Software varies for each software vendor. From company's name, contact information to demographics, financial information and behaviour analysis, Visitor Identification Software tell you everything. In addition to these, some of them also provide basic analytics, such as, number of visitors, IP-address tracking, session duration, etc.

What are Visitor Identification Software?

There are thousands of users on the Internet browsing websites every second of every day. Knowing who is browsing your website is useful. It not only helps you provide better user experience but also helps you improve your sales performance. Visitor Identification Software help you know exactly who is visiting your website and which company they belong to. Out of thousands of visitors that visit your website, Visitor Identification helps you find the "hot" prospects that you need to focus on instead of wasting time on leads that will never convert.
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