6 Best Virtualization Management Software in 2021

In order to administer the operations and processes of a virtualization environment, businesses rely on Virtualization Management software. It becomes imperative to have visibility into the virtualization environment as the number of virtual machines running in the data center reaches the hundreds and thousands in order to understand the overall performance and health of the system. Virtualization Management software monitor performance of each virtual machine (for example, allocating more memory or processing power to right-size virtual machines for optimal performance), check to establish and maintain connectivity across the environment, and make sure that all virtual machine software and hypervisor versions are up to date. Virtualization Management software can also analyze the application, server, virtual and storage layers to identify root causes of any problems and troubleshoot them. Analyzo has listed the best Virtualization Management software that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best Virtualization Management Software

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Turbonomic is a Hybrid Cloud Management Platform that analyzes application compliance constraints, consumption, and costs and automatically allocates resources in real-time. It gives workloads the resources they need when they need them assuring application performance. Businesses that have

VMware vCenter
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VMware vCenter Server allows you to automate and deliver a virtual infrastructure with confidence by providing a centralized platform for managing your VMware vSphere environments. vCenter Server can be deployed quickly and easily using host profiles or a Linux-based virtual appliance. Your

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager
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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager is a virtualization management platform that helps you optimize performance and fix vSphere and Hyper-V issues in no time. It helps you reduce downtime by an average of 59% with proactive alerts and recommendations. You can fix issues 65% faster with active

Veeam ONE
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Veeam ONE is a management tool for the management of the Veeam backup infrastructure, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments, and allows for powerful monitoring, reporting and capacity planning. It provides complete visibility of the IT environment by enabling Availability for

VMware vRealize
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VMware vRealize Operations integrates with vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Business for cloud and helps plan, manage and scale multi-cloud and SDDC environments with unified monitoring, cloud planning, capacity optimization, and automated performance management. VMware vRealize Operations

Citrix XenApp Essentials
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Citrix provides a complete virtual desktop solution that meets all your needs from an easy-to-deploy platform. It helps your business in cutting IT costs by giving your employees the freedom to work from anywhere. Citrix offers the best user experience on any device, over any network. Citrix

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FAQ's for Virtualization Management Software

What is a Virtualization Management Software?

A Virtualization Management Software helps businesses manage all virtual machines from  a single, easy-to-use, intuitive platform. A Virtualization Management Software monitors all virtual machines and determines the health and status of each machine via graphs and reports. This helps the concerned manager take informed decisions and utilise the virtual resources to their fullest.

What is the advantage of using a Virtualization Management Software?

A Virtualization Management Software is a great way to monitor virtual resources and control them as well. It has pre-defined algorithms which help automate important tasks, for example, creating a new instance whenever there's a spike in traffic. If it was not for Virtualization Management Tools, it would not be feasible to monitor the health of various virtual machines. They provide the much needed visibility into the virtualization environment and helps analyse the overall performance.

What is the difference between Virtualization Software and Virtualization Management Software?

A Virtualization Management Software is used to monitor all virtual resources deployed by an organization and determine the health of all resources with the utlimate goal being - seamless consistent end-user experience.
Whereas, a Virtualization Software is used to remotely access desktops, laptops and operating systems that would not be possible to access remotely otherwise. A Virtualization Software is also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software.

Which is the best Virtualization Management Software?

Analyzo has listed the best Virtualization Management Tools for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are VMware's vCenter and vRealize, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and Veeam ONE.
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