7 Best Video Interviewing Tools in 2017

Video Interviewing Tools assist you in making your hiring process more effective. They allow you to automate the interview process saving you a huge amount of time and effort. Using these tools, it becomes easier for you connect with candidates, manage their applications and streamline HR function. It simplifies the process of interview, comparison and rating of candidates. Analyzo has listed the best Video Interviewing Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Video Interviewing Tools

Take the Interview
Price : On Request

Take the Interview is an interview management platform which optimizes the interview process for recruiters by helping them hiring faster and more effectively. With the help of the collaboration tools provided by Take the Interview, you can involve hiring managers in the hiring process early on.
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Price : 145€/month-Custom

RecRight is a video interviewing tool which helps you in conveniently screening the candidates. All you need to do is to record interview questions, send e-mail invitation to the chosen candidates, screen them on the basis of video replies and then interview only the best candidates.
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Price : Custom

myInterview is video recruitment platform which brings out the candidates’ personality hidden behind the paper. It allows you pre screen the candidates before interviewing and improve your hiring decisions. It helps you to discover talent from anywhere at any time.

Price : Free-$459/month

Refrek is a candidate screening platform which automates the interview process. It lets you create targeted interview questionnaires. You can either put in custom questions or choose from its library. It offers you complete control. You can watch the videos stored on the server whenever you want

Price : On Request

Tazio is a tool that improves the quality of hiring process. It makes possible for you to hire the best candidates by highlighting their skills, abilities, behaviors and motivations. Candidates can record their interviews which you can watch later and assess them.
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Spark Hire
Price : $99/Month-$499/Month

Spark Hire is a video interviewing platform which makes it easier for businesses to connect with the best candidates. It offers one-way video interview as well as live video interview irrespective of candidate’s location. The interviews get recorded and are accessible to you 24/7.
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Price : Custom

Powermeeter is a video interviewing tool which assists you in discovering the best candidates at earliest. It saves you time and effort letting you to focus on finding the right candidate . It easily integrates with your workflow with its 10-second scheduling shorter interviews and vivid candidate assessment.
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