7 Best URL Shortening Tools in 2021

URL Shortening Services initially became popular for their application in Social Media websites. They have come a long way since their early days on twitter and now provide features such as Click Tracking, Analytics, Geo Tracking and more. URL Shortening services are now an indispensable part of Social Media and Email marketing. Analyzo has listen the best URL Shortening Tools for you to choose from based on your requirements.

Best URL Shortening Tools

Price : Free - On Request

Bitly is a URL shortening service that offers URL redirection with real-time link tracking. It is available through its website, browser extensions, mobile web, and third-party tools integrated with its open API. URLs that are shortened with the bitly service use the bit.ly domain.

Price : From $5/month

Tinycc provides users with a URL shortening service with an option to customize the back half of the link. It allows users automatic generation or using any combination of words and letters for their shortened link. The links provided by Tiny.url don't expires or break in email postings.

Price : Free

Bit.Do provides free one-click URL shortening that can be shared as well as tracked by the user. It allows customization of the link and also supports traffic statistics for the links provided by the user. It has a spam filter that detects spam links and deletes them.

Price : Free - $599/month

BL.INK is a secure and flexible link management system for professionals and businesses. Intelligent link routing allows custom routing based on device, date, country, language and time of day. It lets you create and manage multiple custom domains with custom short-link hashtags, labels and grouping.

Price : Free

Memset's is.gd is a website that provides one-click URL shortening option without entering any captcha. It allows you to customize your new shortened URL with options of standard format, lower case and pronounceable words. One of unique feature of is.gd is its QR code generator for each of its shortened links.

Price : Free

Hootsuite (previously Ow.ly) is a URL shortening service that allows users to create a short URL and share it through email and social networks. It provides two options to shorten URL - anonymously or through Twitter.

Price : Free

Ldotly is an online URL Shortening tool that provides complete analytics and password protection to the users. It also provides geo-targeting to detect the language and location of the link as well as the developer API for the user. It has history storage of up to 10 links.

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FAQ's for URL Shortening Tools

Can I track link clicks through URL shortening tools?

URL shortening tools offer a great way to know how many people actually clicked on your shortened URL. Tracking click-through numbers for a link you’ve posted on social networking sites will give a pretty good idea of your effective reach on that platform, as well as fine-tuning your sense of what your friends are looking for in the way of content from you.

Which is the best free URL shortener that provides tracking?

Bitly is a great choice for those who want to track their URLs. It is widely used and can be termed as reliable. With Bitly, you get an overview of how many times your URL was clicked on, from which webpage it was clicked on, and when it was clicked on. However there are a number of other good ones – Goo.gl is another good option to consider.

What are the benefits of using URL shortening tools?

URL shorteners are good for web culture and the growth of Internet in general. There are many benefits of using URL shorteners, some of which are stated below:
Manageable Links: Many of the web’s links are long and wordy for SEO reasons. This makes them difficult to share on emails, web pages, and social media services like Facebook and Twitter. URL shortening tools help solve this problem by making links more manageable to share.
Link Tracking: URL shortening tools like Bit.ly provide comprehensive data in the form of live click data, geographic location, and more. This information is of great value to businesses as it shows them where customers are coming from, when they are coming, and what interests them.
Social Media Services: The amount of data that URL shorteners can accumulate, coupled with the rise of short URL sharing on Twitter and other websites, could lead to some innovative social media services that display popular links, rank domains, and act as a filter or aggregator of social media content.
Sharing: You can simply fit more links and content in less space with URL shorteners. A tweet can describe and then link to a webpage in less than 140 characters, while a full URL might not even come with an explanation.

What is a URL shortening tool?

A URL shortening tool is an online application that converts a regular URL into a more condensed format which redirects to the regular longer URL. These shortened URLs almost never exceed 20 characters. Some URL shortening tools even provide users with handy features such as the ability to customize short URLs and track traffic.
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