4 Best Two Factor Authentication Services in India in 2017

Two Factor Authentication Tools provide an extra layer of security when trying to verify identity of a user. Most systems do this based on a username and password. However, two factor authentication uses and additional layer of security by using an SMS or Email in addition to the standard security features of a username and password. Analyzo has listed the best Two Factor Authentication tools in India that you can use to add an additional layer of security to your application.

Best Two Factor Authentication

Price : 0.09 - 0.18 INR

2Factor is an OTP SMS provider which provides a reliable messaging API and direct connectivity with TIER-1 Telcos. They have proprietary routing algorithm to re-route failed messages via backup operators.

Price : 0.18 paise per SMS

Msg91’s robust infrastructure provides an effective architecture which is designed to scale millions of SMS in one go. They keep sent SMS logs, track delivery time, and provide a list of frequently failed numbers. They also offer various plugins such as excel, Google spreadsheets, and many more.

Price : INR 9999 - Custom

Exotel is the building block that helps you customise customer communication over calls and SMS. Connect vendors, delivery personnel, drivers, etc. via virtual phone numbers without revealing the customer’s phone. Build a full-featured cloud call center in minutes – no infrastructure or hardware cost.

Price : 0.14 - 0.20 paise per SMS

SmsGatewayCenter is a OTP SMS service provider that generates an OTP which is legitimate for one and only one login session or transaction, on a PC framework or other digital gadget. They offer a high priority gateway, static alpha sender id, 24x7 delivery and DND numbers delivery.

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