5 Best Tools to Create Tutorials in 2021

These tools help you better explain the functionality of your website or application. They can be used to develop a step by step wizard/guide to let the user know about the key features of your application and how to use them. They can be configured to show to users the 1st time they visit a website or a page and improve the user on-boarding experience. Analyzo has listed the best Tools to develop step-by-step tutorials that are used by Start-ups and companies.

Best Tools for Tutorials

Price : Free - Custom

Iridize provides a feature-rich and fully-customizable walk-thru service that includes a welcome screen, auto-start and rich media capabilities, and branched walk-thrus. Iridize’s walk-thrus include a variety of usage rules that enable clients to control when different types of users will be shown the walk-thrus.
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Price : Free - Custom

WalkMe simplifies the online user experience. It directly guides, engages and drives your users to action, enhancing the online User Experience.
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Price : $14/Month-$59/Month

Tutorialize helps you educate new users with a tour of your site. It easily installs with a few lines of JavaScript. You have full control over markup and CSS. Tutorialize is totally asynchronous and will not delay your page at all.

Price : Custom

Whatfix allows you to give users an interactive tour of your website to improve the onboarding experience. It lets you create detailed flows of your product experience using its browser extension.
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Price : On Request

Toonimo simplifies the user experience with a digital concierge-like walkthrough experience. The visitors experience the website as if someone is sitting next to them and personally guiding them on how to complete a form or use a product or platform.

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