22 Best Time & Attendance Tracking Software in 2021

Time Tracking Software typically allows managers and contractors to track and analyze how work time is spent. It provides a platform that allows users to record and analyze the amount of time spent on tasks and projects. Time Tracking Software allows for accountability, increasing producitivity in employees. It helps discover which activities or events cause time wasting, and keeps all time data in one location. Analyzo has listed the best Time Management Software that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or Compare plans across companies.

Best Time & Attendance Tracking Software

Price : Free - On Request

Timecamp provides an automatic time tracking software for businesses. It provides features like manual and automatic timesheet, automatic task detection capabilities, time diary, multiple billing rates, overtime calculation, vacation/leave tracking, billable & non-billable hours, and automatic time capture etc.

Price : From $5 per employee per month

Timedock is a simple to use time tracking system for iOS and Android devices. Employees are provided with a QR-code or NFC ID cards which they can tap to either a wall mounted device, or a supervisors’ phone, to clock in and out of work. It also allows you to control which job codes and cost codes.

Price : $9.99/user/month

Time Doctor provides an accurate solution that allows you to see where exactly time was spent. It allows you track time spent per project, integrate payroll, export data, and track on-the-go. Optionally, it allows you to monitor the screen by taking screenshots every few minutes.

Price : Custom

Exaktime provides a cloud-based time and attendance tracking system to businesses. It offers iOS and Android apps that record job activities, hours, calculate overtime, and employee location with GPS. You can generate reports, approve time cards and transfer data easily to your accounting program.

Price : From $10/user/month (billed yearly)

Toggl is an online tracking tool for businesses that allows users to analyze productivity by tracking time spent on projects. It allows you to generate time usage graphs with an option to export time logs as Excel spreadsheets, get weekly reports via email or share public reports with clients etc.

Price : Free - $6.75 per month

RescueTime runs securely in the background on your computer and mobile devices, and tracks time spent on applications and websites, giving you an accurate picture of the day. It gives you detailed reports and data based on your activity, and allows you to set alerts, log highlights, and block distracting websites.

Price : Free - $149 per month

Tick is a straightforward time tracking software to help your team run more profitable projects. It allows you to track time from anywhere, any device, and keep your projects on time and budget. It helps your business with profitability, cash flow and allocating time more efficiently.

Price : Free - $10/month

Hubstaff is a time tracking application that makes it easy to track time. It allows you to track websites, take screenshots, manage employee payments, and offers 30+ integrations. It allows you to measure activity levels so you can monitor your remote team. They also offer a mobile app.

Price : Free

TopTracker is a simple and easy-to-use time tracking tool that allows businesses to effortlessly track employees' time, productivity and performance. It allows effortless time tracking from any device, and provides a centralized view of all projects, full privacy control, and detailed reports.

TimeClock Plus
Price : On Request

TimeClock Plus is a timeclock solution designed to fullfil simple time and attendance needs. Some key fetures are - tracking employees' punches, monitoring attendance, and controlling unnecessary overtime.

Price : On Request

Kronos is a time and attendance tracking software that lets you track employee time, attendance, and activity while gathering data to control costs, minimise compliance risk, and increase productivity. It simplifies the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance.

Zoho People
Price : Free - $5/employee/month

Zoho People is a part of Zoho's fully integrated, cloud-based suite that helps you solve all your HR activities. Zoho People is online HR software to manage your workforce.

Price : Free - Custom

TSheets is a time tracking and scheduling software that saves you time and makes time tracking easy. Track timesheets from any location, using any device, in real time. Review employee timesheets, and quickly approve them. Send approved employee timesheets to QuickBooks to save hours and thousands of dollars.

Price : On Request

Paycor is a time & attendance tracking software that lets you create schedules, manage requests, and stay on top of labor distribution. It makes labor management both time and cost effective. Decisions become clear-cut and quick.

Price : From $2/user/month

Deputy was built with the aim of serving and protecting business owners by making it easier to manage employees and perform related tasks, saving them time, and money so they can do the things they love. Deputy is a trusted and dependable solution.

Price : Free - $7/month

TMetric is a work time tracker for freelancers, agencies, and companies. It offers a light interface with great control over time intervals and project budgets. Flexible billable rates and crystal clear reporting are just some of the highlights amidst many other powerful features.
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Replicon TimeBill
Price : From $60/month

Track up-to-the-minute project time, capture all billable hours, and efficiently manage your resources, projects and client billing with Replicon's easy to use time tracking software - TimeBill.

Price : From $2/user/month ($80 min)

Humanity helps you streamline business operations by optimizing employee scheduling, time tracking, vacation management & payroll. Humanity simplifies every facet of your employee management process.

Ceridian Dayforce
Price : On Request

Ceridian Dayforce helps you get a clear view into your people's time worked, while saving money and helping to improve compliance.

Price : From $5.95/user/month (billed annually)

BigTime is a time tracking software used and trusted by thousands of professionals. Its an all-in-one platform that lets you do time & expense tracking, WIP management, billing & invoicing, task & workflow management and more.

Price : Free - $12/person/month

Start and stop timers as you work through your to-do list, or enter all your hours into a timesheet in one go. Harvest lets you track time in whatever way is easiest for you.

Price : From $40/month

actiTIME is a time tracking software that helps businesses manage and keep track of work hours. It not helps organizations keep on track but also helps improve work efficiency.

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FAQ's for Time & Attendance Tracking Software

How to select the right time tracking software?

There are a variety of companies that offer time tracking. Before choosing which product to use, there are several things you should consider:
Time Tracking: The most important and obvious feature would be the ability to track and record number of hours worked by employees.
Timesheets: Managers should be able to approve and reject timesheets easily without any hassle.
Project Management: Employees and managers should be able to manage tasks and projects, see which task has been assigned to whom, and track its status.
Reports: Managers should be able to generate a variety of custom reports that give valuable insights into the hours worked, invoices, etc.
Integrations: Integrations are very important as you should know if you’re able to sync the time tracking application with data from other software which your company already uses.

Why use time tracking software?

Payroll Management: Time tracking tools help manage payroll with the help of timesheets that log the exact number of hours an employee has worked.
Better Focus: When employees are able to track their time, they are able to better understand where their productivity is lacking and focus better to improve in those areas.
Better Workflow: Time management software gives owners an overview of the entire business, how employees are spending their time, and more.
Cut Expenses: A business’ main aim is to make profits. When business owners have time tracking software, they are better able to understand the company workflow, and see where there are any problems that need to be addressed.
Better Client Billing: Time tracking tools help generate accurate bills which leads to client satisfaction.
Employees are in charge of their time off: Employees are able to see and manage their work days, leaves, etc. from a single place.

What are the benefits of time tracking?

Time tracking has several benefits:
1. Simply knowing that you’re tracking your time makes you less likely to waste it.
2. Employees use their time more productively when they know it is being logged.
3. Time tracking helps close profit leaks and bill clients accurately.
4. It gives a better understanding of how the work hours are spent.
5. You also get more accurate billing rates and better project workflows along with greater transparency.

What is time tracking?

Time tracking is the process of calculating and reporting number of hours worked by employees. It is a great way of measuring employee productivity and improving performance by removing the bottlenecks in productivity.
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