4 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins in 2021

Social Media Sharing Plugins help you share the content of your website on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Usually by just pasting a line of code in your website, you can make the sharing of your content extremely easy and drive more engagement. Search engines make it easier to find information you are looking for, but social media also plays a significant role in helping you find the websites you are looking for. Getting your content before the target audience is the tricky part. Social Media Sharing Plugins let your users instantly share content on social media with tap of a single button. Analyzo has listed the best Social Media Sharing Plugins for you to choose from.

Best Social Media Sharing Plugins

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AddToAny is the way millions of sites have enabled visitors to share & save content, resulting in increased traffic, larger audiences and much more. Launched in March 2006, AddToAny is the very first universal sharing platform, and the customizable platform that makes it easy for visitors to

Price : Free

AddThis connects people to content and enables marketers to develop more personal and effective relationships with their current and future customers. Key features: Make your content shareable with just one click. All tools are designed and engineered to work perfectly at every breakpoint, no
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Price : Free - $79/month

Sumo arms you with a suite of tools to increase your traffic, build a following and track your success every step of the way. Get up and running in no time to start converting your visitors into lifelong customers. Key features: Pop-ups don’t have to suck. Especially when

Price : Free

The ShareThis consumer engagement and sharing tools are used by three million publishers to drive engagement, traffic and personalization, capturing the widest and deepest sentiments of people across the internet. ShareThis recognizes the value of real time for publishers, advertisers or any
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FAQ's for Social Media Sharing Plugins

What are Social Media Sharing Plugins?

A Social Media Sharing Plugin is essentially a line of code which you integrate into your website's code. This simple piece of code enables your website's viewers to instantly share your content on social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.) with the click of a button.
Social Media Sharing Plugins add a professional looking bar on your website next to your content. This bar contains the icons of all major social networks and allows users to share your website's content on the social media platform of their choice (if they wish to) by simply clicking on the icons.

Why should you use Social Media Sharing Plugins?

While search engines are a great way for people to find your content, social media is a great tool too if used properly. Putting your content before targeted audience is very important. By allowing your site visitors to share content on their social media networks with their families and friends, you're essentially getting free of cost word-to-mouth publicity. It is a great source of marketing and could lead to more conversions as people are likely to trust the opinions of the people they know (your site visitors).

Which is the best Social Media Sharing Plugin?

There are literally dozens of Social Media Sharing Plugins available in the market now days. Analyzo has gone through majority of them and listed the best for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are AddToAny, AddThis, ShareThis and Sumo.
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