11 Best Pre-Employment Testing Software in 2021

A good candidate can greatly improve your company's productivity whereas a bad one could destroy your brand's image which you've worked so hard to establish.It's clear that finding and hiring good employees that best fit your needs is an important step. Pre-Employment Testing Software allow businesses to check if the candidates they've shortlisted fit their bill of needs or not. They provide tools that make it easy to assess if a candidate has all the skills you require. This helps save a great deal of time and resources. Analyzo has listed the best Pre-Employment Testing Software for you to choose from based on your requirements.

Best Pre-Employment Testing Software

Interview Mocha
Price : From $999/year

Interview Mocha is a powerful tool that lets you assess multiple skills from a single platform. Whether you want to conduct communication tests or aptitude tests or technical tests, Interview Mocha has got you covered.

Price : On Request

HackerRank is used by thousands of businesses for evaluating and assessing their candidates. It simplifies the hiring process by automating the assessments.

Price : From $954 for 6 months

Codility is a candidate assessment platform that improves your hiring process by making it simpler and faster. It is an intuitive platform that gives you the ability to build creative challenges that attract the top the highly skilled candidates.

Workforce Assessment Software
Price : On Request

Workforce Assessment Software is a smart pre-employment assessment platform that not only lets you define the specific needs & requirements of a job but also allows you to assess candidates' skills and learning ability to see how the two match up.

Price : On Request

eSkills has been used to assess millions of clients over the years, hence, it is safe to say that eSkills' testing data has been thoroughly validated. eSkills helps organizations save time, money, and improve the overall hiring process.

Newton Software
Price : $399/month

Newton Software is a powerful applicant tracking system built by recruiters for recruiters. It helps you overlook and manage the entire hiring process effortlessly. From finding talent and engaging with them, to interviewing, selecting and getting them onboard, Newton Software takes care of it all.

Price : On Request

It cannot be stressed enough that hiring right candidates could be the difference between a profitable business and a barely-making-revenue business. HireSelect is an affordable and easy-to-use web-based software that lets you set-up pre-employment testing in no time.

Price : On Request

Mettl is a web-based testing platform that lets organizations measure a candidate's skill, personalty and agility with the help of an easy-to-use online software. Many top-level enterprises take benefit of Mettl's web-based solution to simplify their hiring process and improve efficiency.

Price : On Request

Berke's pre-employment testing platform helps you learn about your candidates before you hire them and fasten the screening process. Berke helps establish a standard process for interviewing all candidates, in turn, providing consistency. It makes your hiring process more efficient, effective and faster.

Price : On Request

Plum is an all-in-one platform that helps you manage everything, from hiring and growing employees to retaining them. With its pre-employment testing, organizations can be sure of hiring the best candidates for their business. This greatly improves the productivity and saves time and money.

Price : From $100

Test Dome is an automated platform that lets businesses test candidates' skills to determine if they are the right choice for the organization or not.

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