2 Best Popup For Promos in 2021

Popups for promotions are the ideal way to maximize the potential of your web presence. They even help increasing the conversion rates of landing pages. Using these tools can help you reduce your bounce rate by incentivizing the user with promotions. Analyzo has listed the the Popup for Promotions tools for you to choose from.

Best Popup For Promos

Dreamgrow Scroll-Triggered Box
Price : Free

Scroll Triggered Boxes plugin is free to use. The popup box can be triggered when the user scrolls down to a certain percentage of the total page height or when a user scrolls over a certain element on the page. Some other features include conditional statements (if the users prefer the popup box

Optin Revolution
Price : $77-$297

Optin Revolution is a popup plugin which allows the users to create supercharged unblockable popups to grow their list of subscribers. It allows the users who want to have unlimited customization on their opt-in popups with the ability to be highly creative without any coding experience.  
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FAQ's for Popup For Promos

What is a Promotional Pop-Up?

A Promotional Pop-Up can be used for a number of reasons - a) collect visitors' email address, b) highlight a promotion or an ongoing sale, c) divert visitors to a piece of content on your website. A Promotional Pop-Up can be customized to match your brand's appearance and displayed at a location (for example, bottom of the page or side of the page) and time (for example, when the user visits your website for the first time) of your choice.

What are the benefits of using Promotional Pop-Ups?

Promotional Pop-Ups are great for building your very own mailing list or for promoting an ongoing sale. They could also be used if you have a new piece of content towards which you want to direct your site visitors or if you want to build a reservation list for an event. In case you want your site visitors to verify their age before proceeding or choose between multiple languages, Promotional Pop-Ups present the ideal solution for this.

How do Promotional Pop-Ups affect SEO?

Google has recently made changes to its search algorithm and stated that in case the web content isn't easily accessible on mobile devices, it will severely affect the page's rankings on Google. Now, Promotional Pop-Ups cover a significant part of the page on a mobile device which means it could have a negative impact on your SEO. The ideal solution for this would be reduce the size of the Promotional Pop-Ups so they don't cover a large part of the screen or disable them altogether on mobile devices.
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