6 Best Polling Tools in 2021

Online polls are an excellent resource for companies and or individuals to collect information from people whether they are potential customers, clients or employees. This information can be used to understand the people related with your business to a great extent and take measures to improve or expand the business analytically. Further, it also acts as an excellent feedback and constructive criticism system for its users which helps them understand their business and people better. Analyzo has listed the best Polling Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Polling Tools

Price : Free

Create and conduct polls in a minute with DirectPoll. DirectPoll offers you a real-time responsive element on stage. Ask questions, feel the pulse of your audience and visualize the answers as they come in. Setup your poll in advance or on the fly. Combine single as well as multiple choice questions and more.

Price : From $24.99/month

With Qzzr, create, embed & share immersive polls with your audience. Gather powerful insights, generate better leads, drive more traffic with the most engaging polls on the planet. Pollcaster polls feed your visitors like no other by allowing them to dive deeper and see why the data matters to them.

Price : Free - $99/month

Create surveys and polls that match your brand, budget, and vision. Unlimited polls, unlimited votes. Embed simple, one-question polls into your website to find out. Manage all content in your dashboard with a WordPress plugin. Create polls in any language. Block repeat voters easily.

Price : Free - $50/month

QuizBean comes with oodles of amazing features to build engaging online quizzes. Make your quiz as short or as long as you want. Reinforce what students should know by adding explanations to each question.

Poll Everywhere
Price : Free - Custom

Poll Everywhere lets you engage your audience or class in real time. Ask your audience a question with the Poll Everywhere app. Audience answers in real time using mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers. See your response live on the web or in a PowerPoint presentation.

Poll Maker
Price : Free - $99/month

With Poll Maker, create polls in minutes. Type your question and then add answers. On the Themes tab select one of our default themes or create your own. On the settings tab set options like allowing multiple answers, allowing voters to enter their own answers and much more.

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