7 Best On Boarding Tools in 2018

Onboarding is a process of orienting and familiarizing your first-time user with the environment, giving basic essential directions and increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product or service. User onboarding is important to growth because it helps convert new users into active and engaged users of the product.

These tools help you better explain the functionality of your website or application. They can be used to develop a step by step wizard/guide to let the user know about the key features of your application and how to use them. They can be configured to show to users the first time they visit a website or a page and improve the user on-boarding experience.

Best On Boarding Tools

Price : Free - Custom

WalkMe lets you add interactive on-screen tutorials to your website or app, providing users with step-by-step instructions on how to complete tasks. It doesn't require any technical expertise, and gives you full control over the content, design, placement and functionality of each step in the guide.
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Price : Pay-As-You-Go

Nickelled helps you create "How-to" guides quickly and easily for your customers. These guides are an effective way to give product tours to prospective customers, train new and old users and fix customer problems. You can use their Chrome extension to quickly build guides to show customers around your website.

Price : Starting from $79

Create personalized user onboarding flows without writing a single line of code, and improve adoption and retention rates. You can design, publish and manage your onboarding experience within one dashboard, allowing your users to delve deeper into your platform.

Price : Starting from $59/month

InlineManual allows the users to create user onboarding walkthroughs, self-help support and product announcements right within their web application without coding. Inline Manual also helps you make your users more engaged with your product to achieve your desired goals.

Price : $14/Month-$59/Month

Tutorialize lets you create custom interactive website tutorials which guide visitors around your website. The tutorials can be created in minutes without any technical skills and can even be customized via CSS to match the look and feel of your website.

Price : Free-Custom

Iridize is a tool that can be used to develop tutorials to highlight functionality of a website or application.
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Price : $24/Month-Custom

Tour My App allows you to create in-app tutorials and tours to guide users as they use a website or application. You can highlight advanced or unused features, present demos and use an interactive alternative to documentation that keeps users engaged.
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