6 Best No Code Development Platforms in 2021

No Code Development Platforms offer drag & drop tools which allow your business to quickly develop software without coding. These platforms can be used by both non-developers and developers for rapid application development with customized workflows and functionality. You get element libraries, templates for workflow, and interface customization tools to create fully functioning applications without any coding. These tools are built to quickly organize information, rather than input unique code. Analyzo has listed the best No Code Development Platforms that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best No Code Development Platforms

Price : On Request

VINYL allows you to create beautiful yet powerful applications and charts from multiple data sources including complex analytics all together on the same screen without writing a single line of code. Use its powerful end-to-end no code platform to unleash limitless innovation across all levels of your enterprise.

Quick Base
Price : $30/user/month - On Request

With Quick Base, create custom business applications faster and easier without code. Create cloud-based applications that do exactly what you want — and you don't have to be a developer to build them.

Price : $24/month - On Request

Build a faster business with Kintone. Run your apps, test them, iterate on them. Find the best possible configuration now and then make it even better as your business grows. Dive into your data with easy-to-use, easy-to-configure views and filters.

Microsoft PowerApps
Price : Custom

With Microsoft PowerApps, turn your business expertise into solutions with ease. Get inspired with pre-built templates, or start from scratch. You already have everything that you need to get started building apps that mean business.

K2 blackpearl
Price : On Request

Build, run and future-proof your business processes with K2 blackpearl. K2's custom application platform features intuitive forms and workflows that span roles, departments and data sources — so you can manage for today and innovate for tomorrow.

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Unlike packaged apps or programming tools, custom apps meet the unique needs of small and large teams, helping to transform their businesses. Anyone can create a custom app using the FileMaker Platform. Make your own app even without extensive development experience or IT skills.

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FAQ's for No Code Development Platforms

What is the difference between No Code Development Platforms and Low Code Development Platforms?

No Code Development Platforms are collection of visually integrated tools that let anybody, with no prior experience of coding, build applications by dragging and dropping elements. They offer minimal customization as they are designed specifically for the purpose of being able to build applications without having any technical know-how.
Low Code Development Platforms, on the other hand, also facilitate rapid application development with minimal coding. However, unlike No Code Development Platforms, Low Code Development Platforms more in terms of customisation. They can still be used by a person having no technical expertise but a person who does have some technical knowledge will be able to reap full benefits of Low Code Development Platforms.

What are No Code Development Platforms?

No Code Development Platforms are collection of tools which enable businesses to drag and drop elements to facilitate rapid application (web or mobile) development. No Code Development Platforms are essentially virtually integrated environments that help in building applications without needing to have any prior knowledge in coding. No Code Development Platforms are used by both developers as well as non-developers as they allow rapid development of applications.

Why use No Code Development Platforms?

No Code Development Platforms are used by both small business owners as well as large enterprises due to the very advantage they provide in developing applications quickly. Large enterprises need to develop applications quickly as they need to design workflows and business processes rapidly. No Code Development Platforms include everything - from libraries to customisation abilities. They are also great when applications need to be built quickly to get an idea if the application works as expected or not.

What are the key features to look out for when deciding which No Code Development Platform to use?

Number of Apps: This is an important feature to focus on. Generally, No Code Development Platforms place a limit on the number of applications that could be developed. If you want to develop significantly more number of applications, you will have to pay more and purchase a subscription accordingly.
Custom Branding: Being able to brand the No Code Development Platform not only looks appealing but also looks more professional.
Deployment: Businesses should be able to deploy the application on the web or the mobile directly from within the platform.
Restricted Access: To ensure security, access should be monitored and restricted based on various factors, for example, IP address.

Which is the best No Code Development Platform?

There are few No Code Development Platforms available in the market out of which Analyzo has listed the best of them for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Microsoft PowerApps, Zudy and Kintone.
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