10 Best App Crash Reporting Software in 2021

App Crash Reporting Software are used by businesses and mobile application developers to find crashes, their causes, effects and solutions. They constantly monitor mobile applications and alerts the developing team whenever an issue arises. App Crash Reporting Software greatly reduce the time an application remains affected due to the crash and help resolve the problem quickly. Analyzo has listed the best App Crash Reporting Software for you to choose from based on your needs and requirements.

Best App Crash Reporting Software

Price : Free - Custom

Bugsee maintains video and network logs for you to view and find out exactly how a crash took place so that you don't have to recreate bugs - hence, saving crucial time.

Price : Free

Crashlytics is a powerful yet light-weight enterprise crash reporting solution that helps developers find and resolve issues quicker and faster than ever before.

Price : From $19/month

Raygun helps you know how users actually experience your application. It gives you an insight into how they interact with your application and the bugs faced by them. Raygun lets you monitor and resolve crashes with greater speed and accuracy.

Flurry Analytics
Price : Free

Flurry Analytics monitors applications and analyses them for improving performance and providing deep, actionable insights. It gives you the information you need to make important decisions and optimize your application to perform better.

Price : Free - On Request

Whether it is a web application, or a mobile application, or a desktop application that you want to monitor, Countly can handle it. Countly is used by top businesses across the globe for gaining a better understanding into an application's performance.

Price : On Request

Apteligent by VMWare automatically captures all app data and provides valuable insights into the functioning and performance of an application. It helps businesses understand how users use their application and provides details about issues or crashes that have occurred.

Price : Free - On Request

Rollbar is an error-tracking and crash-reporting software that helps developers resolve errors more accurately in minutes.

Clicktale for Apps
Price : On Request

Clicktale for Apps is a powerful app analytics tool that provides provides valuable insights into user behaviour and performance of an application. It provides a faster way to improve engagement as well as user experience.

Price : Free - On Request

Some of the top applications use Instabug for testing and crash reporting. In addition to beta testing, Instabug also allows you to have live conversations with users and improve overall customer experience.

Price : Free - On Request

Sentry is is an open-source bug tracking platform that monitors the application for crash causes and solutions in real-time. It is easy to set-up and provides real-time alerts whenever a crash takes place.

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