15 Best Mobile App Builders in 2021

Mobile App Builders help you create reasonably complex mobile applications without any coding knowledge. They help you transform your website, blog or service into a mobile application in a quick and cost effective manner. These tools are powerful enough to even integrate your CMS, Social Networks and have multiplatform support. Analyzo has listed the best Mobile App Builders for you to choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or Compare plans across companies. 

Best Mobile App Builders

Price : $22.90/Month - On Request

Shoutem's latest 5th generation platform is a new kind of mobile app builder that enables your business to create native and cross-platform mobile apps fairly quickly.
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Price : €40/month - €240/month

GoodBarber is a mobile app building platform that allows you to design iOS and Android apps. It allows you to build app without using any single line of code and focusses more on the designing. It provides you with over 35+ connectors and in-built CMS to manage your content including articles, photos, videos etc.
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Price : On Request

Shopgate is an easy to use tool that is designed to seamlessly plug into your online store to help your business grow. It allows you to create mobile web, iOS and Android optimized apps quickly, beautifully and affordably. Its mobile optimized platform guarantees speed and increased conversions.

Price : $57/month

Swiftic is a DIY mobile application development platform for small businesses. It has an app builder tool using which user can customize and design their mobile app. There is also an option for automatic creation of an intuitive design by syncing your website or page that can be customized later.

Zoho Creator
Price : Free - On Request

Zoho Creator is an online platform that allows building of custom business applications, online for Windows, iOS and Android. It allows you to publish apps on the marketplace and create dashboards for accessing all the data. Use the drag & drop feature to customize the look of your app.
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Price : $59/month - Custom

BuildFire offers an easy way to build mobile apps and publish them to both iOS and Android. Your business not only retains customers but also increases revenue.They offer number of templates to choose from, a feature rich platform that allows you to simply drag & drop elements, and ability to make updates to your

Price : Free - $50/app/month

AppyPie is cloud based DIY app builder to create hybrid app for Windows 8, Android, Blackberry and iOS. The apps can be build using its drag-and-drop builder and updates can be seen in real-time. It lets you send push notifications through your app and monetize it with ads.
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Mobile Roadie
Price : On Request

Mobile Roadie is DIY mobile platform to create, customize and manage mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows. It allows you to choose from its customizable pre-defined templates. It has options like custom headers & footers, button layout control, background layering and dynamic widgets for your app.
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Price : $250/month - Custom

BiznessApps is web-based solution for small businesses to create and manage mobile apps. The apps can be published on iOS, Android and HTML 5 platforms. The dashboard provides you with various building, designing and publishing options along with pre-made templates to choose from.

Price : $59/month - $79/month

AppSpotr is an app builder using which you can create, view and publish Android and iOS apps for free. Its CMS makes app building simple and quick. It allows you to preview your app in real-time. It comes with a GFX editor which makes functional graphics and icons easily editable.
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Price : $2/month - $39/month

AppMakr is a DIY app-creation platform for building HTML5 mobile website and native apps for Android and iOS. All the content including text, images, podcasts, audio, and video can be can be used through RSS and API integrations. It allows you to add location-aware GeoRSS and media RSS feeds with customization of
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Price : Starting from $40/month

AppInstitute is at the forefront of the mobile app platform industry. Its cloud-based service aims to revolutionise the app market by providing a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows SMEs and individuals with little to no prior technical knowledge to create their own app.

Price : Free - $99.99/month

With Mobincube, you can easily create your app with absolutely no knowledge of coding. They offer a great app interface so that you can create any kind of app: from business to educational, entertainment to games, home to health, and more. With their easy-to-use interface, you can easily design your app.

Price : $90/Month - Custom

Appery.io is an enterprise cloud-based App Build and MBaaS for building apps for HTML5, Android, and iOS. The App Builder also bundles the Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) framework that enables you to build hybrid mobile apps with access to device APIs.
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Price : $59/month - $300/month

AppMachine is a click-and-drag platform to build native apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices. The platform has over 30 blocks to build apps that can be customized as per user's need. Data can be imported from Excel, photo stream, RSS feeds, Twitter & Facebook accounts, YouTube Channels, etc.
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FAQ's for Mobile App Builders

Why should I use a mobile app builder over going to an agency?

Before you decide on going to an agency to build your mobile app, there are questions that you should ask yourself. “Would they understand your idea as well as you do?” “Have they ever built something like this before?” “How can I be sure that they’re not just going to rip me off?”

While there are a great number of reputed agencies that would do their best to bring your vision to life, using a mobile app builder instead could just be the right option for you. Using mobile app builders for building applications means you can build it to look and feel just the way you thought it would. You can dig deep and modify the smallest of details, so that it looks just the way you wanted it to. It gives your application a personal touch and you the ability to turn your idea into reality.

Can I develop an eCommerce app using a mobile app builder?

Mobile app builders help you bring your eCommerce website to mobile platform in no time. You can integrate your current product listing from your website right into your eCommerce app and sell, purchase, from there itself.

Advantage of having an eCommerce app is that it allows you to engage with your customers through powerful push notifications and keep them updated regarding new offers and products.

Can I integrate RSS feeds in to a mobile app?

Even though RSS isn’t as popular as it once was, plenty of users still use it and it is a great way to stay up to date on the latest news. You can easily integrate RSS feeds in to your mobile app by using online mobile app builders. These tools let you import local RSS feeds into your app so your members can read about area news right from their mobile devices. Some popular mobile app builders like Shoutem and Appy Pie offer this functionality.

Do I need to make a different mobile app for iOS and Android phones?

In today’s competitive market where majority of users prefer browsing internet on their mobile phones rather than desktops, it is very essential to have functional and engaging mobile applications for your business to thrive. There are dozens of tools available that allow you to build an application with little-to-no programming knowledge. You would need to build different mobile apps for different operating systems. However, these third party mobile app builders make it easy for you to do so. Some of them even handle the process of submitting your app to the various stores (Google Play Store, iOS App Store, or the Windows Phone app store).

Which is the best mobile app building software for android apps?

Now you can create mobile applications for Google’s Android OS, without any coding skills, by using one of the many easy-to-use, drag-and-drop mobile app building software available in the market. These mobile app building platforms help you design your android-based application by helping you every step of the way. Using these tools requires no coding skill or previous experience of mobile development. Analyzo has listed the best mobile app building software for android apps for you to choose from based on your requirements.

How do I create a mobile app?

In case you've at any point needed to build an application for your business, blog, product or service, however the overwhelming speculation of both time and cash put you off, you're not the only one. Mobile App Builders make it easy for you to enter the mobile market without shedding thousands of dollars or having prior knowledge of coding. They provide easy-to-use drag and drop interfaces that let build mobile apps in no time.
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