12 Best Mobile Ad Networks in 2021

A mobile advertising network connects advertisers to publishing mobile applications. The key function of a mobile ad network is aggregation of mobile app ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser's demand. Advertising is one of the most important marketing component which leads to revenue generation and growth of businesses. And with mobile network continuing to grow exponentially it contributes largely to online advertising and marketing strategies. Here are a few quick reviews about some best mobile ad networks which will help you to choose what’s best for you.

Best Mobile Ad Networks

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Chartboost is a games-only specific mobile Advertisement platform. It provides developers a direct deal marketplace for selling & buying Ads from other developers. Its single SDK is capable of delivering a campaign across multiple channels with free cross promotion. It allows integration with other game-engines and app stores as well.
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Flurry is a behavior and interest based mobile advertising platform powered by Yahoo. Flurry Analytics uses Action Graph that gathers user data, predicts behavior & creates attributes for specific audience targeting. The User Acquisition Analytics (UAA) technology of Flurry helps advertisers to locate and analyze their quality user sources.
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MoPub is an online mediation mobile advertising network specifically for publishers. Its comprehensive interface and open source SDK combines monetization, cross promotion & mediation through single platform. The MoPub dashboard provides real-time bidding, budgeting, prioritization and report tracking for maximum optimization.
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Google AdMob is a CPC, CPM and CPI based advertising network for mobile phones powered by Google’s Ad Technology. It acts as a mediation between Publishers and the Advertisers for free. Its cross-platform feature provides compatibility with top platforms like Android, iOS and Windows as well as game engines.
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InMobi is an online mobile Ad Network that offers various advertisement services. It provides feature of developing own infographics and compare user data across the globe. Its studio allows you to create, deploy and track ads of all formats. InMobi’s SDK provides you monetization, app analytics and cross promotion tools across multiple platforms
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One by AOL
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One by AOL is an advertising network for mobile advertisements that offers solutions for both advertising and monetization. It lets you choose revenue generation based on CPC, CPM or CPA. With Millennial Media, Ad can be deployed on platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and Java.
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AppLovin's marketing platform lets you use real time data to acquire new consumers at scale and make effective marketing decisions. Its platform uses data to acquire new users who are likely to download your app. Then it measures each campaign and continues to optimize to find many more new consumers.

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Airpush's advertising platform enables clients to purchase inventory from the Airpush mobile ad network and all major mobile RTB exchanges using a single, world class interface.

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AdColony curates the world's highest performing, chart-topping mobile environments for advertisers to deliver impactful experiences at scale. From brands driving in-store foot traffic to performance marketers driving conversions, they help your clients deliver meaningful outcomes.

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Leadbolt is a high performance mobile advertising platform that helps your business reach and engage your audience with maximum efficiency. Advanced demographic, geographic and contextual targeting technology lets you reach your audience with precision.

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Yeahmobi provides your business results-oriented app advertising that grows your active user base in each of your target markets. Native ads help you transparently acquire highly engaged users from specially crafted in-app placements. Their programmatic optimization of ad placements helps boost conversions.

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The Smaato platform provides your partners with a robust suite of tools to target the exact traffic they need. It is a self-service control center for buyers, helping them to eliminate mobile ad spend waste. It offers real-time campaign optimization with QPS (query per second) targeting features.

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FAQ's for Mobile Ad Networks

How do mobile ad networks work?

Mobile advertising industry consists of two major parts - Demand, which allows advertisers to place mobile ads in publishers’ inventory, and Supply, that aggregates inventory of thousands of publishers. Mobile Ad Networks function by serving as a middle point between these two ends of the value chain. They move inventory across both demand and supply chains, either directly or via reselling.

Which mobile ad networks support video ads?

There are two major type of video ads - in-stream and out-stream ads. In-stream ads occupy full-screen and are displayed before, after and within video content that is streamed within an app, whereas out-stream ads are displayed on a web page and displayed within a mobile app. Some of the best mobile ad networks that offer mobile video advertising are AdMob, Chartboost and InMobi.

Do you need different ad networks for iOS and Android?

Majority of mobile ad platforms work with both iOS and Android, which means you don’t need to use different ad networks for different operating systems. Analyzo has listed the best mobile ad networks for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Chartboost, Flurry, AdMob and MoPub.

What are the various ways for targeting mobile ads?

Mobile ad platforms provide a number of methods for narrowing down a mobile ad campaign’s reach to a specific audience. These are known as targeting options, and the major ones are:
Geo: It allows you to narrow down an ad campaign to a specific country or region. This helps marketers to advertise a product or service only within the relevant region.
Device: This allows you to show ads on specific models of mobile devices only. This can be used to display ads on devices with specific screen size, and other hardware requirements.
Carrier: This option helps you show ads only to those mobile users who are served by a specific mobile carrier.
OS: With OS, you can show ads on mobile devices running specific operating systems or even particular versions of OS.
Connection: This makes it possible to show mobile ads on mobile devices only when they are connected to the internet, either via wifi or mobile data
Interests: Mobile ad networks that collect mobile users’ data and build their profile allow you to narrow down ad campaigns to audience segments with specific interests only.
Gender: It allows you to narrow down an ad campaign to mobile users of specific gender.

What are the different monetization methods?

Mobile advertising platforms provide users with several types of business models to run ad campaigns with.  The 5 major types are - CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA and CPV.
CPM: With CPM (also known as cost-per-mile), an advertiser is charged each time his or her ads are shown 1000 times.
CPC: With CPC (or cost-per-click) method, an advertiser is charged for each click made on their mobile ads.
CPI: CPI (also referred to as cost-per-install) model implies that advertisers are charged only when a click on their ads resulted into an actual mobile app install.
CPA: CPA (cost-per-action) model is an advanced version of CPI, where an advertiser is charged for specific action, like subscription, in-app sale, sign up and more, users take inside an app that is advertised.

What are the various types of mobile ad formats?

There are 5 major formats which are supported by top mobile ad networks. These are – banner ads, native ads, offer wall, video and interstitial.
Banner ads: Banner ads are classic static or animated image-based ads, and placed inside an app’s interface. These ads may be used to advertise a third party product, other digital or physical goods, as well as to expand an app’s functionality.
Native ads: These ads can be text, image based or video based and are developed to merge in to the content on the site. These types of ads do not look like advertisements and thus are very effective, as many users do not realize that this is promoted content.
OfferWall ads: These ads are placed within a mobile and provide end users with lots of offers to engage with. They are most frequently used in mobile games, where offerwalls may advertise third party games or a series of games from the same game developer.
Video ads: Video ads contain a short, usually up-to 60 seconds, video clip, which is used to advertise products and services. These type of ads are often used within media apps or gaming apps.
Interstitial ads: These are full screen ads that cover the interface of their host application. Interstitial ads are most frequently used to display ads between different app screens and also to display ads between different levels in a mobile game app.
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