9 Best Landing Page Builders in 2021

Landing pages are single page websites or can also just be a single page on a website that is optimized for a particular purpose - Lead generation or conversion tracking. These pages are optimized for SEO and can often be where a user lands after clicking on an advertisement.? The landing page typically displays sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement or search result for which it has been developed. Landing page tools enable webmasters and marketers to build landing pages very easily and provide a host of useful tracking and analytic options which can be used to calculate the ROI of an ad or the cost of lead generation. The tools provide a host of ready-made templates and page builders which can be used to build a page. Analyzo lists the best landing page tool that are available online - each product is listed along with its plans. Analyzo has listed the best Landing Page Builders that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Landing Page Builders

Price : Starting from $37/month

Leadpages is a landing page generator. It helps in building conversion optimized & mobile responsive landing pages. It helps to redirect all the obsolete web traffic to more valuable pages on the site. The customer platform allows users to sort through all the landing page templates by name and their opt-in rate.
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Price : $99/month - On Request

Unbounce is a landing page builder for professional marketers that lets you create mobile responsive landing pages without any help from technical or web development team. It supports A/B testing, Javascript and custom templates that can be uploaded and downloaded on Unbounce to suit your brand.
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Price : $29/month - $199/month

Pagewiz is a landing page generating software that builds user-friendly landing pages with a built-in A/B testing automation to maximize conversion. It enables user to edit email notifications and remove branding from these emails that are sent to clients.
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Price : Starting at $200/month (billed annually)

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that provides builder for landing pages along with many other services. It is enabled with features such as Drag & Drop and Form development.
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Price : Starting from $79/month

Instapage is a powerful landing page platform built for marketing teams & agencies. No matter what industry you’re in, an ever-growing collection of templates offers your business a way to truly stand out, improve conversions, and generate leads.
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Kickoff Labs
Price : $39/month - $349/month

Kickoff Labs is a flexible online landing page builder that provides easy and instant customization to make your landing page with a real time preview. It offers 60+ page templates and custom page development with an option to tweak the existing templates to get the look of your own choice.
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Price : On Request

Digioh is a simple-to-use landing page builder that lets you create landing pages in minutes. Easily add new fields, change colors, import images, with simple drag and drop tools. Be as creative as you can be! Match your brand or try something new.

Price : Starting from $97/month

ClickFunnels gives you everything you need to market, sell, and deliver your products online. ClickFunnels is powerful enough that you can create ANY type of funnel that you can imagine, yet simple enough that you can just plugin your message into any of its pre-built funnels.

Price : Free - Custom

Populr is a landing page tool which assists you in creating online pages. It doesn’t stop there and helps tracking the pages, grabbing attention to your website and convert it all into results. You can create pages quicker, share the page, track its response and collaborate with your team.
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FAQ's for Landing Page Builders

What are Landing Page Builders?

Landing Page Builders are tools that help businesses create professional looking landing pages. Landing pages are essential marketing tools that are essentially web pages on which visitors are redirected. They are specifically designed for Call-To-Action, making them an ideal option for increasing conversions.

When do we need to use Landing Page Builders?

Landing Pages are required whenever the goal is to make the visitors perform a certain action, such as - download content, subscribe, etc. They are a great way of attracting customers by means of creating eye-catching pages which lead to conversions, and in turn help increase the ROI.

What is the difference between a Landing Page Builder and a Website Builder?

Website Builders are tools that help businesses create websites and establish an online presence. The goal is to build an online identity that informs customers about what the business does. Additionally, websites may also be used to sell products and services.
Landing Page Builders, on the other hand, are tools that help build web pages having one specific idea in mind - Call-To-Action. They are built to create appealing pages that lead to more conversions. Landing Pages are created when you want your visitors to perform a particular action, such as - buy, subscribe, etc.

My website is built on WordPress, can I still use a 3rd party Landing Page Builder?

There are plenty of third-party plugins available for WordPress which can be used to build beautifully designed landing pages with drag-and-drop functionality. Such plugins are so popular and functional as they give users the ability to design great looking landing pages without them possessing any technical knowledge.

Can I customize the domain of the Landing Page so that it looks like it is part of my website?

Yes, you can customize the URL of the Landing Page by setting up a CNAME entry in your DNS settings. For example, landingpage.yourwebsite.com.
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