9 Best Jquery Rating Plugins in 2021

Ratings, Polls, voting are very important for a better user experience as it helps you to get a feedback of the delivered product or service. Analyzo has listed the best JQuery rating plugins that you can choose from based on your requirements.


Best Jquery Rating Plugins

JQuery Web Rating Plugin
Price : Free

jQuery webrating plugin provides the users with features like easy configuration, easy to use stars and hearts, css based coloring and more.  

JQuery Bar Rating
Price : Free

jQuery Bar Rating Plugin works by transforming a standard select box into a rating widget. It’s 2.5kb minified and easy to style with CSS.

Price : Free

The jquery plugin helps the users to generate Rating with customized features. The users can download and include this plugin in their html file.

Bootstrap Rating
Price : Free

Bootstrap Rating is a jQuery plugin that creates a rating control that uses Bootstrap glyphicons for rating symbols.

JQuery Starbox clone
Price : Free

It allows the users to implement rating stars on top of jQuery. There are some features like small size, does not produce massive amounts of inline styles and more.  

Price : Free

It is a highly customizable rating widget that supports images and other html elements.

JQuery Plugin
Price : Free

This is a star rating jQuery plugin that uses SVG for easier customization.The users can custom size, custom colors, choose the number of stars to be displayed, define gradient color of selected stars, specify a border/stroke thickness and more.

Like Dislike Rating
Price : Free

It is a simple jQuery plugin that allow the users to create a rating bar with two buttons which are Like and Dislike.

JQuery Bootstrap Star Rating
Price : Free

The jQuery bootstrap star rating has less icons and CSS.  

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