10 Best JQuery Login Plugins in 2021

It allows the users to easily log in with Facebook,Linkedin,Twitter,Google+ and more. All that you need to do is use these plugins to easily intergrate the login option into your website. Analyzo has listed the best JQuery Login plugins for you to choose from based on your requirements.

Best JQuery Login Plugins

Metro Banner with jQuery
Price : $8

Metro Banner help the users to show information directly to the user.This plugin is responsive and customizable and allows the users to change the color, animation, position, add timeout and more.

Responsive Login
Price : $5

It has a 4 step signup which allows the user's user to register and signup using facebook. It provides them with a responsive layout.

Prosto Forms
Price : $9

Prosto Forms is a responsive Form Framework with javascript features like validation, masking, modals, ajax submit, datepickers and more.  

Ajax PHP Login Page
Price : Free

It allows the users to create a simple Ajax PHP login with welcome page using MySQL database. 

Minimalistic Login/Register Form with jQuery
Price : $6

Minimalistic Designed Login, Register and Forgot Template Forms. It provides features like jQuery Live Validation, 7 color styles, 3 different form size options, title animation, custom checkbox, tooltip hints and jQuery Error Handling.

Sky Forms Pro with jQuery
Price : $10

It allows the users to create forms of any complexity and for any needs such as login, registration, contacts, review, order, comment, checkout, etc.

Morphing Buttons Concept
Price : Free

It allows the users to create buttons for registration forms.

Twitter OAuth Status Update
Price : Free

It allows the users to login with Twitter, storing Twitter Oauth tokens into database and update Twitter status message with the user's own web application. This script helps them to share their web application updates with user Twitter status updates.

Price : Free

Wayout Menu is a responsive menu written with Bootstrap 2.3.1, jQuery and CSS3. CSS transitions are used for navigation level openings.

Price : Free

It allows the users to easily log in with Facebook with a single call using this simple jQuery plugin.

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