7 Best Job Board Software in 2021

Hosted Job Board software is a tool that provides a marketplace for job seekers and job providers to interact. It allows employers to post/edit/delete jobs, search for employees’ based on their resume, and allows job seekers to post their resumes, search for jobs based on category, location etc. Analyzo has listed the best Job Board software that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or Compare plans across companies.

Best Job Board Software

Price : $249/month - Custom

JobBoard is a powerful software that is easy and simple to use. New features are constantly added so that you don't fall behind your competitors. SEO and social features help you perform better with the search engines. All the technical elements of your maintained, upgraded and updated automatically.

Price : On Request

Jobiqo is a powerful open source job board software that offers smooth functionality of the system combined with rapidity and efficiency. It is flexibile enough to allow you to customize the content and process for niche platforms to ensure relevancy for recruiters and job seekers.

Price : $39/month - $309/month

JazzHR is scalable recruitment software platform to help you consistently make great hires. It helps you recruit better candidates, get more organized, and make great hires.

Price : £99 - £999 per month

JobBoard provides a comprehensive job board platform designed to provide you with easy online configuration that puts your job board live within minutes. You can monetize from immediate job content and earn revenue for applications delivered.

Price : $79/month - $299/month

SmartJobBoard is simple to use, easy to set-up and customize. It provides responsive templates, personalized mobile apps, multiple eCommerce options, multiple customizable income streams, SEO optimization for easy fast and easy traffic generation, and intuitive admin interface.

Price : $295/month + $1950 (initial activation fee)

JobMount adds advantage to your job board business with functions that are tailored to meet your job site needs, along with standard features such as job aggregator feeds, spider, Facebook and LinkedIn login/sign on, industry-best SEO, pay per performance, mobile version, and WordPress/BuddyPress integration.

Price : $600 one time fee

EjobsiteSoftware enables you to start your own fully functional advanced Job Board with applicant tracking software, custom homepage, iOS and Android app. It offers features such as advanced job search, job seeker control panel, multiple resume management, and premium job seeker.

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FAQ's for Job Board Software

What is a Job Board Software?

A Job Board Software allows companies to post job openings and accept applications directly through the job board. A Job Board Software charges employers with some sort of fees for posting job openings. Job boards house resumes from large number of job applicants and grant access to these resumes after employers have successfully paid the fees. A Job Board Software essentially provides an intuitive platform for job givers and job seekers to interact with each other.

What are the features you should look out for while choosing a Job Board Software?

Customization: Changing the appearance of your listing to match that of your brand makes your listing stand out and attracts more applicants.
Search: Candidates should be able to search jobs based on multiple factors, such as, keywords, location, category, etc.
Job Aggregators: Job Aggregators like Indeed or Simply Hired are always full of jobs as they continuously keep adding to their listings. Whenever you're out of jobs on your job board, integrating with job aggregators and importing jobs from them is a handy way of filling your job board.
Payment Gateways: Multiple payment options should be available for accepting payments from employers so that they can choose the one which they're most comfortable with.

What are the benefits of Job Boards?

Job Boards offer a powerful feature-rich, easy-to-use platform where employers and applicants can interact with each other. It allows employers to post job openings on the platform and recieve applications directly from within the platform. On the other hand, it gives job seekers the ability to upload their resumes and search for jobs based on their skill-set.
Finding the right employees is not an easy task by any means and if not done in a correct manner, it could lead to loss of money and wastage of time. This is why Job Boards are so important as they act as a bridge between job seekers and employers, helping employers find the right candidates and job seekers find the perfect job.

What is the difference between Job Boards and Job Search Engines?

Job Search Engines, like Indeed and Simply Hired, offer a huge variety of jobs since they are linked to multiple sources from where they get these listings. This also creates the problem of duplicacy as the same job may get pulled twice from different sources.
Whereas, Job Boards are platforms where employers post job openings directly. This greatly reduces the chances of duplicacy. However, Job Boards are often full of advertisements and spam which could get a little annoying.

Which is the best Job Board Software?

Out of hundreds of Job Board Software available, Analyzo has shortlisted the best of them for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are JobBoard, JobBoard.io, SmartJobBoard and JobMount.
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