4 Best JavaScript Error Tracking Tools in 2021

JavaScript Error Tracking tools track errors and generate reports to help you understand how your app is changing over time. An important aspect of running a successful online business is implementing error tracking for JavaScript applications. It is essential to monitor your front end apps especially when your stack is heavily comprised of a bunch of apps running different JavaScripts. Analyzo has listed the best JavaScript Error Tracking tools that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best JavaScript Error Tracking Tools

Price : $29.99/Month-$249.99/Month

TrackJS is an intuitive tool that can be used to track client-side JavaScript errors in production, as well as during development.

Price : Pay-As-You-Go

Atatus is a Frontend JavaScript contextual error tracking service. It captures JavaScript errors and performance metrics on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera browsers, Android & iOS, Ionic & PhoneGap, AngularJS & BackboneJS Frameworks.

Price : $5/Month-$59/Month

Errorception is an error reporting service for client-side in-browser JavaScript errors. They use Cloudflare's powerful global network to serve the tracking JavaScript code from the closest of 24 data centers around the world, for minimum latency.

Price : $44.09/Month-$999+/Month

Raygun notifies you when JS errors occur in your app with intelligent grouping and the complete stack trace in real time. Whether your code is running in a data center or on a million mobile devices, Raygun gives you the data you need to fix bugs fast.
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FAQ's for JavaScript Error Tracking Tools

What is JavaScript Error Tracking?

JavaScript Error Tracking is the process of monitoring your front-end JavaScript apps to try and find errors (if any). JavaScript Error Tracking is essential for running a successful web-based business. JavaScript Error Tracking Tools monitor your applications, generate frequent reports to identify any errors there may be, and help you remove those errors to ensure a seamless experience for the end-user.

What are the features to look out for in JavaScript Error Tracking Tools?

Number of Applications: If you wish to monitor more than 1 application, you may want to subscribe to a plan that lets you monitor multiple applications.
Errors per Month: When selecting a JavaScript Error Tracking Tool, it is important to see how many errors it lets you find per month.
AJAX Monitoring: This feature comes in handy when you have used AJAX for developing your application.

What are the advantages of using JavaScript Error Tracking Tools?

Stability: By helping developers find, track and remove errors, JavaScript Error Tracking Tools help ensure consistency.
Save Costs: By having an application that does not function properly due to errors, you risk damaging your reputation and losing your customers, which could lead to huge loss of money.
Save Time: With the help of JavaScript Error Tracking Tools, developers can quickly find errors and save time, which they can use to focus on providing a better customer experience.

Which is the best JavaScript Error Tracking Tool?

Analyzo has listed the best JavaScript Error Tracking Tools for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Trackjs, Atatus, Errorception and Raygun.

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