Best JavaScript Error Tracking Tools

JavaScript Error Tracking tools track errors and generate reports to help you understand how your app is changing over time. An important aspect of running a successful online business is implementing error tracking for JavaScript applications. It is essential to monitor your front end apps especially when your stack is heavily comprised of a bunch of apps running different JavaScripts. Analyzo has listed the best JavaScript Error Tracking tools that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best Javascript Error Tracking

Price : $29.99/Month-$249.99/Month

TrackJS is an intuitive tool that can be used to track client-side JavaScript errors in production, as well as during development.

Price : $49/Month - On Request

Atatus is a Frontend JavaScript contextual error tracking service. It captures JavaScript errors and performance metrics on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera browsers, Android & iOS, Ionic & PhoneGap, AngularJS & BackboneJS Frameworks.

Price : $5/Month-$59/Month

Errorception is an error reporting service for client-side in-browser JavaScript errors. They use Cloudflare's powerful global network to serve the tracking JavaScript code from the closest of 24 data centers around the world, for minimum latency.
Price : $44.09/Month-$999+/Month

Raygun notifies you when JS errors occur in your app with intelligent grouping and the complete stack trace in real time. Whether your code is running in a data center or on a million mobile devices, Raygun gives you the data you need to fix bugs fast.
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