5 Best Instagram Marketing Analytics Tools in 2021

Instagram Analytics tools allow you to analyze which portion of your Instagram audience is connecting with what content, what content is performing best, and which audience segments you are missing. They enable you to create stronger and more relevant content that your audience will be more receptive to. Analyzo has listed the best Instagram Marketing Analytics that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or Compare plans across companies.

Best Instagram Marketing Analytics

Price : Starting from $39/month

Iconosquare provides key analytics for Instagram which enable you to measure and optimize your Instagram performance. It measures every aspect of your Instagram activity and helps you understand and improve it. You can measure your follower growth, check daily gained and lost followers.

Simply Measured
Price : On Request

Simply Measured makes analyzing your Instagram easy and simple. It provides competitive analysis allowing you to study your competitors’ performance and understand the strategies used by them. It also provides hashtag and keyword tracking, individual and multiple profile analysis, and unlimited users.

Price : From $99/user/month

SproutSocial makes your Instagram media management fairly easy with it’s simple and intuitive platform. It helps you monitor your engagement tactics with your customers. You can find out what are the top hashtags and keywords, which is the best time to post, and how many followers you have gained or lost.

Union Metrics
Price : $23/month - On Request

Union Metrics simplifies the analyzing process by providing fast analysis, beautiful reporting and meaningful answers. It provides the insights marketers need to take care of their businesses. The solution offered by Union Metrics helps businesses to optimize their strategies with better analytics.

Price : From $20/profile/month

Turn your social media data into actionable insights by benchmarking your advertising spend, gathering competitive intelligence, and monitoring business performance across organic and paid social media with Socialbakers. Listen to your audiences to personalize content or measure the sentiment around your brand.

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FAQ's for Instagram Marketing Analytics

What are the features of Instagram Marketing Analytics Tools?

1. Understand what people are saying about your brand. If something negative is being said about your brand, you could take corrective measures as soon as you get to learn about it.
2. Understand how your competitors are performing, what people are saying about their brand.
3. Segment your audience to learn which part of it you are missing out on.
4. Learn about the best time for posting content that attracts maximum visibility.
5. Perform keyword research to see which keyword performs the best.

Which is the best Instagram Marketing Analytics Tool?

Out of dozens of Instagram Marketing Analytics Tools, Analyzo has chosen the best ones for you to choose from based on your needs and requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Iconosquare which starts from $9/month, Simply Measured which has an On Request pricing model, and SproutSocial which starts from $99/month.

Why you need Instagram Marketing Analytics Tools?

Instagram Marketing Analytics Tools provide you with valuable metrics, such as - who is interacting with your content, which piece of content is doing the best, which audience segment you're missing out on, what your customers are saying about your brand, how well are your competitors performing, etc. This is valuable information when it comes to making critical decisions about business.

What are Instagram Marketing Analytics Tools?

Instagram Marketing Analytics Tools are software solutions that provide valuable engagement metrics for Instagram. They are particularly important if your business uses Instagram for marketing as they help improve engagement and make your content visible to more users.
With Instagram changing its algorithm (that decides which posts will be shown on top of the feed) so frequently, Instagram Marketing Analytics Tools have become all the more important for businesses if they want to strive in today's competitive market.
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