10 Best Influencer Marketing Software in 2021

With Influencer Marketing Software, organizations can identify, recruit, and communicate with social influencers. Influencer Marketing Software help businesses locate and manage new and existing brand advocates within a unified platform. These tools allow organizations to recruit new influencers with built-in searchable marketplaces. Organizations can then filter through influencers by establishing a detailed search criteria. Influencer Marketing Software also help businesses curate influencer-generated content, create branded marketing material, analyze the performance of social influencer campaigns, and even facilitate and manage athlete and celebrity sponsorships. Analyzo has listed the best Influencer Marketing Software that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Influencer Marketing Software

Price : $9/month - $900/month

High costs and an overemphasis on celebrity endorsements have prevented growing businesses from experiencing the benefits of influencer marketing. Intellifluence enables you to communicate directly with influencers and manage interactions in one spot, without ever having to send an e-mail.

Price : Starting from $300/month

GrowSumo helps growing companies increase sales, signups, and leads through partnerships. Whether you're starting fresh, migrating a partner program, or ready for hyper-growth - GrowSumo is THE tool for your business.

Price : On Request

TapInfluence was founded in 2009 with humble beginnings as a community platform for bloggers. TapInfluence unites content creators, influencers, and brands to build authentic relationships through meaningful content that is enjoyable, inspires, and creates action.

Price : Starting from $29/month

Mention helps your business identify the web users that matter most, and engage with your company’s advocates. Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy. It helps you boost brand awareness, improve your reputation, and reach a new audience. Take your influencer strategy to the next level with Mention.

Price : On Request

IZEA is an influencer marketing platform for agencies and brands that automates influencer and content marketing programs. IZEA eliminates time consuming processes, streamlines workflow and provides robust enterprise features designed for high volume execution of campaigns.

Price : Starting from $99/month

BuzzSumo's influencer marketing and outreach platform is a powerful way to extend your reach with a target audience without relying on paid media. Influencers have an audience and can drive traffic to your content.

Price : Free - On Request

Klear offers businesses one of the largest available databases of Influencers by category, location and network. Klear's data science teams give you access to unprecedented data about any social entity Interact with more than 700K registered Influencers directly from Klear.

Price : On Request

Julius gives you access to rich data on 75,000+ influencers, researched by a team of real people, with insights spanning an influencer’s content style, interests, past brand work, audience demographics, latest news and more.

Price : On Request

Traackr’s IRM platform is your system of record to manage, expand, validate, and scale your global influencer marketing.

Price : From $69/month

NinjaOutreach is an influencer and blogger marketing outreach software which helps businesses connect with over 25 million social media influencers and bloggers with great ease and flexibility. Businesses can easily find the right influencer for their brand using NinjaOutreach.

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FAQ's for Influencer Marketing Software

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing where certain indviduals are used to promote a brand's products or services. Influencer Marketing is usually done via social media channels where the influencer spreads the promotional content via his social media channel. Instead of directly approaching a segment of users with promotional content, a brand uses influencers who promote the brand to their subscribers/followers.

What do Influencer Marketing tools do?

Influencer Marketing tools help businesses find, hire and manage influencers on number of different social media channels. Influencer Marketing tools provide an all-in-platform for businesses to manage all their influencers from a single place. They help businesses find the right influencers that best fit their needs, communicate with them, hire them, and manage the overall work-flow pertaining to influencers. Additionally, Influencer Marketing solutions also help businesses create and manage the marketing content which is used by influencers.

What are the key features of an Influencer Marketing software?

1. An Influencer Marketing Software gives users the ability to search and find influencers across multiple social networks.
2. It allows users to filter through search results to find the right influencer that fits the business' criteria, for example, belonging to a particular niche.
3. It gives users the ability to communicate with the influencers from within the platform.
4. It allows users to monitor and analyse the campaign performance.

Which is the best influencer marketing software?

There are dozens of influencer marketing solutions available in the market. Analyzo has listed the best of them for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are BuzzSumo, GrowSumo and TapInfluence.
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