9 Best In-App User Feedback Tools in 2021

Feedbacks are important user responses which help any organization to improve. They give you a note of on-going user trends and needs which help change company’s work processes accordingly. In this way you can keep up to customer’s expectations by adding new features or resolving existing issues. In today’s fully customer-dependent corporate world, it is necessary for you to analyze your customer’s views. Analyzo has listed the best In-App User Feedback Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best In-App User Feedback Tools

Price : Free - Custom

With SatisMeter, collect customer feedback to reduce churn and accelerate growth. Collect actionable feedback inside mobile & web or via email. Install SatisMeter into any app or website in less than 10 minutes. See customer responses instantly. Make your decisions based on fresh data.

Price : From $99/month

With elevio, you ensure relevant in-app help to your users that results in a measurable increase in customer engagement. By delivering help where it's needed, your users learn your product easier and become more engaged.

Price : On Request

Apptentive helps you build a brand your customers love with its mobile customer experience software. Use mobile as a vehicle to listen and respond to customer conversations. Communicate intelligently with the right customers, at the right place, and at the right time.

Price : Free - Custom

Don't interrupt your users’ experience and make them quit your app to talk to you through emails or Twitter. With Instabug, everything is done directly from within your app with minimal effort for your users providing a much better experience compared to the old email composer.

Price : $10/month - Custom

Appstark provides a simple and efficient way to engage with your app users. Don't let your users feel that their feedback is going down the shredder. Respond and talk to them. When you talk directly with your customers, their loyality increases and they stay with you longer.

Price : Free - Custom

Doorbell.io enables you to gather in-app user feedback on websites, iOS devices and Android devices. You have the option to send any feedback you receive straight to your Project Management System or Issue Tracker with just a couple of clicks.

Price : From $39/month

Usersnap enables you to collect feedback and track bugs. One screenshot is all it takes. Get rid of endless email exchanges and coffee-stained sticky notes. Usersnap is your central place to organize user feedback and collect bug reports.

Price : Custom

UserVoice provides you everything you need to capture actionable product feedback. It makes it easy for your users to share product feedback while capturing their input in a format that’s useful for you. It captures feedback through multiple channels and routes it back to a single, comprehensive database.

Price : Free

HelpStack is an Open Source Mobile Help Framework that supports your iOS and Android app users. Let customers report issues from within the app and have relevant tickets created for each. Have real-time conversation with your users without having them to leave the app.

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