5 Best Image Tagging APIs in 2021

Organizing digital images by keywords and categories is iknown as image tagging. Image Tagging APIs help you understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine learning models in an easy-to-use API. Classify images into thousands of categories, detect individual faces and objects within images, and find and read printed words contained within images. Build metadata on your image catalog, enable new marketing scenarios through image sentiment analysis, or moderate offensive content. Analyzo has listed the best Image Tagging APIs that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or Compare Plans across companies.

Best Image Tagging APIs

Visual Recognition
Price : Free - $0.0002/image

When provided an image file or URL, Visual Recognition returns as many as 20 keywords while summarizing scenes, objects and stylistic features. The API is capable of identifying 3D objects such as chairs, dogs, buildings, recognizing streets, stores, beaches, landscapes, mountains, and detecting people and faces.
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Price : $299/month - On Request

Diffbot’s Image API doesn’t require any rules or training. All you need to do is to send an image-heavy page and you can sit back and let Diffbot evaluate image content, identify elements and generate tags. Its structured search ensures you only get matching results.
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Price : $14/Month - On Request

Imagga is an Image Recognition Platform-as-a-Service providing Image Tagging APIs for developers and businesses to build and monetize scalable image intensive cloud apps. Automate your image annotation tasks that would take huge amounts of time and resources if performed manually.
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Price : Free - On Request

Clarifai lets you build smarter apps rich in powerful visual recognition technology. Clarifai automatically tags all your images and video so you can quickly organize, manage, and search through your content. It’s fast, easy, and incredibly accurate.

Price : Free

Aylien lets you analyze and tag images automatically. From a pool of 6000 objects or labels, using state of the art image recognition technology, its image tagging API, automatically assigns tags to images. Candidate labels along with confidence scores are assigned to an image based on what the technology sees.

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