5 Best Hosted Search Solutions in 2018

Search engines offer a convenient way for people to locate things on your site using the words which they are familiar with. When your website's users can easily find what they want on your site, they are less likely to go away disappointed. Hosted Search Solutions improve your site's navigation and provides your visitors with another way to locate items on your website. Analyzo has listed the best Hosted Search Solutions that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best Hosted Search Solutions

Price : $59/month - Custom

Searchify is a full-text Search-as-a-Service solution for your business. Easily add custom full-text search, without the cost or complexity of managing search servers. True real-time updates are immediately searchable. Location-aware geo search - sort & filter by distance.

Price : $59/month - Custom

With Websolr, you can expect search to be smart, fast, and to get your users exactly what they're looking for on the first try. Use spatial search to find results near coordinates or to sort by distance. Use faceted search to browse or refine results based on values they have in common.

Price : Free - Custom

IndexDen offers a hosted, fast, full-text search engine tuned specifically for searching and storing textual data. Powerful full-text search provides excellent API service. It is scalable, schema free, and easy to setup. IndexDen is built for the needs of modern web sites where content is rapidly changing.

Price : $59/month - Custom

SearchBlox offers an eCommerce Search that goes beyond just finding products. Geolocation-based searching enables you to implement searching for information like deals, classifieds, real estate or job listings near an address, zip code or landmark.

Price : Free - Custom

Forget the complexity of search: Algolia's hosted API, intuitive documentation and dashboard allow you to build in no time an efficient search experience for your users. Provide as-you-type updated filters and make your search bar a powerful browsing tool. Algolia works for all languages without extra work.

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