8 Best File Sharing Tools in 2018

File sharing services allows you to share large files and collaborate with your clients and team online. Although e-mail services continue to be the most used file sharing service but when it comes to sending heavy files and collaborative workflows, they fail to cater to the needs of the businesses. File Sharing tools work on the file hosting concept, where, you upload the file and then it is ready to be shared in form of links, folders or directly on your virtual workspace. Analyzo has listed the best File Sharing tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best File Sharing

Price : Free - $99.99/month

SEND6 is one of the leading digital delivery companies serving both businesses and Individuals with innovative technology. SEND6 enables users to send, track and receive files and avoid the hassles of FTP and size restrictions of email attachments placed on users by Corporate IT departments and ISP’s.

Price : Free - Custom

No more stress trying to figure out how to send large files. SendThisFile's robust file transfer service allows you to send and receive large files securely. It provides simple and fast file transfers, keeping complexity at bay with an easy to use file upload page where you can monitor your progress.

Price : Free - $19.99/month

Sendspace is a file sharing service that allows you to send, receive, track and share large files. Its free plan lets you send files up to 300MB per file. One of its unique feature is remote uploading through which already hosted files are fetched and added to your account.

Price : Free - $49/user/month

Minbox is a cloud based file sharing tool that unifies your cloud files. Minbox has easy drag and drop and can pause and resume file uploads independently. If you want to ensure your files aren't seen by the wrong person, you can lock the cover and require a password to view.
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Price : Free - $15/month

Filemail's a simple service where you select files, type in someone's e-mail and click 'send'. You don’t need to worry about file size limits, speed caps or noisy download pages. The recipient simply gets a link and downloads your file. That’s it!

Price : Free - Custom

Marketers everywhere are feeling crushed by the demands of creating content for multiple channels and targeted segments. Hightail eases the pain with a unique collaboration solution that makes content review and approval cycles happen faster than before.
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Price : Free - Custom

DropSend is an application to send large files to other people without being restricted by email attachment sizes. With DropSend you upload a file online and the receiver gets an email with a download link.
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Price : Free - $12/month

WeTransfer is a simple and user-friendly way to send your files around the world. Present your files in style as Plus lets you personalize WeTransfer by choosing your own background images. You can also customize your URL and shape the emails that are sent with your files.

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