7 Best Explainer Video Tools in 2021

Explainer Videos make ideas easy to understand. They break down a big complex chunk of information into understandable visual bits. Making information more visual makes it more appealing. The better the viewers understand your idea/product, the more they trust you. It increases your chances of selling your product to them. Analyzo has listed the best Explainer Video tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or Compare Plans across companies.

Best Explainer Video Tools

Price : Free - $49 per month

Animaker makes it easy to create videos which enable a better understanding of ideas. The more your viewers understand your ideas, the more inclined they would be to purchase your product. Animaker allows you to create professional looking video, using an easy-to-use platform.

Price : Free - $99 per year

Biteable is a simple video maker that allows you to create videos online in minutes. They offers hundreds of animated, live action or photo scenes in lots of different styles, or just a stylish, pre-made template.

Price : $39/month - $159/month

Make professional looking videos with GoAnimate in a matter of few minutes. You can add a character, swap a background or start a scene just by dragging and dropping. Automatic lip-sync means you can give voice to a character and it will be lip-synced automatically.

Price : Free - Custom

Explain, engage and sell with impact using PowToon. Create professional looking in just 20 minutes. The “drag and drop” templates are designed, scripted, and ready for you to use within minutes. It is as easy as creating presentations in Powerpoint.

Price : Free - $30 per month

Animatron is an easy-to-use and powerful online animated video maker that enables users to create stunning animations and branded videos right in the browser, so no installations or plugins needed. It is built on the newest and safest mobile-friendly technology that allows creating animations with a simple drag-and-drop.
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Price : Free - $49 per month

RawShorts allows you to make imparting explainer videos with great ease and simplicity. Browse their catalog of industry specific templates to make a video that suits your business. Add media, text, transitions, effects and audio, to customize your videos.

Price : From $39/month

Doodly is a simple drag & drop video creator. It allows users to create whiteboard videos designed to attract, engage and convert customers in no time. It requires no prior knowledge of coding and can be used by just about anyone.

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FAQ's for Explainer Video Tools

How to make attractive explainer videos?

In the first step, there is a brainstorming session where the creative directors and scriptwriters decide the angle for the story. The type of explainer video is also decided in this step.
The success of an explainer video lies in good storytelling. After deciding on the direction, a simple, clear and compelling script needs to be developed. After the script is approved, a storyboard is sketched out that show how the script will play out. The storyboard will show 3 kinds of information - a series of hand-drawn scenes, a description of each scene, and the voice-over for each scene.
Next comes the style. Having custom, full-color images will give you a glimpse of what your final video will look like. You may also include text, backgrounds, icons, characters and more!
Next step involves adding voice, the wrong voice and tone can completely ruin the look and feel of your video. Once the voiceover artist is approved, he/she then narrates the script and records the narration.
With the storyboard and style in place, the illustrations are then animated by using software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
Lastly, while it may not seem very important, but a good soundtrack is essential for creating highly converting product videos. The music can either be purchased online or produced by the in-house production studio.

What are the benefits of making explainer videos?

Explainer videos are a great way to explain your business idea in just a few seconds. They work perfectly in grabbing your audience’s attention. They help you make your visitors stay longer on your page. This is an important factor for search engines and helps improve your page rank. Having video content also gives you an opportunity to be on YouTube which is another great platform to increase your visibility.
Explainer videos are catchy, appealing and compelling. They help people understand what you do in a fast, simple, informative and fun way. It is an important factor if you want to start growing your conversion rates.
With explainer videos, you can apply the colors of your brand to the background and landscape of your video so that the viewers can know that your company is the one behind that proposal. You can also customize the characters of the video based on your target audience’s style, age, look, etc. All of this helps build brand awareness and drive trust towards your company.

What are the main characteristics of explainer videos?

There are various things that set apart explainer videos from regular marketing videos. Explainer videos are short and straightforward (no longer than 90 seconds on average). They highlight a clear and simple message by following the age-old narrative structure of “what”, “how” and “why”. These videos are generally targeted towards audiences’ needs, so as to make them feel identified with the company’s proposal. They generally use animated characters to give videos a light touch which generates a strong connection with the target audience. Explainer videos often use music and sound effects that set the mood to tell a specific story, which results in increased engagement. They also feature a voice-over done by a professional artist, to reveal what is being shown on screen.

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are short animated videos that focus on explaining a business idea in a simple, engaging and compelling way, by using a concise and clear language; attractive and appealing visuals that quickly grab the viewer’s attention.
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