5 Best Enterprise Social Network Tools in 2021

Enterprise Social Networks are organization’s social networks amongst employees where they can share work activities, communicate and discuss business activities or interests. Enterprise Social Network Tools help employees work together and solve business tasks more effectively. Using social networking within the organization enables users to access knowledge and collaborate with each other in a team. Analyzo has listed the best Enterprise Social Network Tools for you to choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or Compare plans across companies. 

Best Enterprise Social Networks

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Microsoft's Yammer is an online, but private , social network meant to foster communication among employees. It has features for workplace management, project management, scheduling, time-tracking, workflow monitoring,andother common business processes.
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Tibbr is an enterprise social networking platform that allows you to connect with company resources through profiling. Employees can setup and initiate subject-based searches , as well as creating their own virtual spaces to communicate with large numbers of people as well as with individuals.
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Chatter is an effective real-time enterprise social collaboration platform. It reveals the familiar look and feel of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to enterprise customers, allowing users to capitalize on their concept and design.
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Jive is a Collaboration platform which allows employees to interact with each other in a very simple and intuitive manner. It requires fairly low maintenance, and provides excellent support . It's search,file sharing,content management and many other features are very powerful.
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Zoho Connect
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Zoho Connect is a private social network for organizations, that brings together teams, partners, vendors and other stakeholders of the organization. With Zoho Connect, all members of the organization can communicate faster, and work together more efficiently.
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FAQ's for Enterprise Social Networks

What is an Enterprise Social Network?

An Enterprise Social Network works much like a regular Social Network. It exists within a company and enables employees to communicate, talk about activities pertaining to business or personal interests, and share tasks. Enterprise Social Networks allow employees to work together and solve problems with greater efficiency.

What are the benefits of using Enterprise Social Network Tools?

Communication: Enterprise Social Network Tools give employees a central platform where they can communicate effectively and discuss about various business activities.
File Sharing: Employees can easily share files and other business activities with each other. This improves efficiency, promotes collaboration and enables employees to work together effectively.
External Contributors: At times, you may require the opinion of someone that is not part of your organization. Enterprise Social Networking Tools make it easy for guests to contribute and take part in business activities.

Why use Enterprise Social Networking Tools?

Managing communication between a large number of employees is not an easy task by any means. Ineffective communication could cause problems, which adds up to the overall expense, and results in loss of valuable time. It is important that businesses have a platform where employees can talk about various business tasks and work together to solve problems. Enterprise Social Networking Tools provide a safe and easy-to-use platform for employees to talk to each other and share work activities. They make it easy to collaborate not only within the organization but also outside of the organization, resulting in greater problem solving and improved satisfaction of both employees and customers.

Which is the best Enterprise Social Networking Tool?

Analyzo has gone through hundreds of Enterprise Social Networking Tools and listed the best for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Yammer, Tibbr and Chatter.
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