7 Best Enterprise Search Tools in 2021

Enterprise Search Tools are used to provide search functionality on websites. Developing search for an existing site is a challenging task, as developers need to evaluate relevance, updates, intent and manyother factors. The Enterprise Search Tools listed below enable you to provide search on a website with minimal work. 

Best Enterprise Search

Price : Starting at $79/month

Swiftype is a hosted search solution that lets web developers deliver powerful, customizable search for their website or mobile app with just a few lines of code.
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Google Custom Search
Price : Free

Google Custom Search enables the users to create a search engine for their website, their blog, or a collection of websites.

Elastic Search
Price : On Request

Elastic's open source solutions solve a growing list of search, log analysis, and analytics challenges across virtually every industry.

Amazon Cloud Search
Price : Custom

Amazon CloudSearch is a managed service in the AWS Cloud that makes it simple and cost-effective to set up, manage, and scale a search solution for the user's website or application.
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Price : Free-Custom

Algolia provides developers with an easy to integrate search API offering an intuitive design that refreshes search results in real time.
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Hawk Search
Price : On Request

Hawk Search provides relevant data for your business at your fingertips. Sites with a large number of articles can lean more on the learning ability function to self-adjust relevance. For sites that require tighter editorial control, you can utilize Boost and Bury rules within the business user workbench.

Price : On Request

With Inbenta, you get an AI search that yields real results. It delivers industry-leading self-service results of over 90%. The AI-fueled natural language search increases customer happiness and your company's bottom line.

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FAQ's for Enterprise Search

What is an Enterprise Search System?

An Enterprise Search System is a powerful platform that allows users to search and find data by simply typing in a query. The key thing to note here is that an Enterprise Search System can conduct a search across multiple sources of data, such as, databases, intranet, email servers, etc. They are useful for businesses that need to track the stored data of various types.

What are the features to look for in an Enterprise Search Tool?

Content Updates: It is important that the Enterprise Search Tool indexes recently updated content as well to ensure that there is no data gap.
Rankings: You should be able to decide which page is displayed at the top when a certain query is submitted.
White Labeling: Being able to brand the Enterprise Search System with your brand's logo and colors makes it look more professional.

What is the advantage of using Enterprise Search Tools?

Developing a search system that accommodates multiple sources of data is a time-consuming process. Developers already have a lot to deal with, for example, updates, bug-fixing, etc. and building a search system from scratch could just be too overwhelming for them. Enterprise Search Tools are great for providing users with the ability to search and find relevant data with the press of a button. They save time and provide tons of powerful features.

Which is the best Enterprise Search Tool?

Out of many Enterprise Search Tools available in the market, Analyzo has listed the best for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Swiftype, Elastic Search, Amazon Cloud Search and Google Custom Search.

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