9 Best Email Scheduling Tools in 2021

Email Scheduling Tools are used to schedule email messages to be sent at a later time. You may not always want your emails to be sent immediately and these tools enable you to do exactly that. You can select a date and time at which you would like to email to be sent out. Many of these tools also have other features like Email Tracking i.e track email opens, clicks and other actions. These tools are great for sales teams who want emails to get to users when they are in office at a specific time. Our research team has listed the best products in this category. Use the filters to narrow down on a tool based on its pricing and features. Click on quick view to see the features of each product.

Best Email Scheduling Tools

Price : Free - $129/user/month

Streak is a powerful email management tool that integrates with Gmail to provide a seamless experience. It allows you to easily schedule mails and send them later. It also provides features such as mail tracking, mail merge, and snooze which make it easy to manage your mailbox.

Price : Free - $50/month

SalesHandy handles everything from Email Tracking to Mail Merge Campaigns. Engage smartly with prospects & close more deals with SalesHandy.

Price : Free - On Request

Mixmax is an email management tool for Gmail. It allows you to track and schedule emails efficiently. Mixmax’s dashboard allows you to edit the already scheduled mails and/or reschedule them.

Hubspot Sales
Price : Free

Hubspot Sales makes it easy to schedule and send mails from Gmail. It provides an easy to use interface to schedule mails and edit the already scheduled ones. It works across time zones to make sure your message remains on top of your prospects’ inbox.

Price : Free - $49.99/month

Boomerang for Gmail is a tool which not only lets you schedule emails, but also allows you to take videos out of your inbox when you don’t need them and return them to top of your inbox when you do, and reminds you when people don’t reply to your messages.
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Right Inbox
Price : Free - $7.95/month

Right Inbox adds functionality to your Gmail making it more powerful and intuitive to use. It allows you to schedule mails which can either be sent at an interval or at a specific time or date in future and set reminders so you don’t lose track of important conversations.
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Price : Free - $59/user/month

Polymail is an email and sales productivity platform that helps businesses grow. Polymail combines powerful email tools to let you reach more customers, track communication, and collaborate with your team - all on one platform.

The Top Inbox
Price : Free

Schedule emails to be sent automatically at a later time with The Top Inbox. Write the email, click “send later”, then just choose a date and time.

Price : $6.95/month - $12.95/month

GMass turns your regular Gmail or Google Apps account into a powerful email marketing platform. When you send email marketing campaigns from Gmail, you send emails through the world's best servers in terms of deliverability.

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FAQ's for Email Scheduling Tools

What are the key features of an email scheduling tool?

The most important feature of an email scheduling tool, obviously, is email scheduling. It should be able to provide an easy interface for scheduling emails at the time specified by the user. An email scheduling tool should also be able to track if the email has been opened or not. Additionally, it should give users the ability to write and save email templates for reuse, in turn saving time.

Why email scheduling is important?

Suppose your recipient resides in a different time-zone than you and is someone who recieves a lot of emails. Say you send them an email during day, but where they live, it is night time. By the time they'll check your inbox next day, your email would have been lost beneath dozens of emails they would have received after your email.
Email scheduling tools could help solve this problem. You can draft your emails and schedule them to be sent at a time when your recipient is most likely to open it. This would help keep your emails on top of their inbox and lead to more replies/conversions.

What are email scheduling tools?

Email scheduling tools enable users to schedule their emails right from within their inbox. It gives user the ability to write complete emails and schedule them for sending at a later specified time. Email scheduling tools are generally in the form of browser extensions that integrate with your inbox and give you the ability to schedule emails.

What is email scheduling?

Email scheduling is the process of scheduling an email for it to be sent at a later mentioned time. Instead of sending the email right away, you can draft it, input the recipient's email address, and schedule it to be sent at a later time. Popular email providers such as Gmail do not provide this functionality directly. This is where email scheduling tools come in.
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