11 Best Lead Capture Tools in 2021

Lead Capture Tools offer everything you need to grow your business. They let you create multiple types of opt-in forms so you do not have to rely on one way of capturing leads. These platforms help you acquire leaving customers by displaying a pop-up just when a user is about to leave. Analyzo has listed the best Lead Capture Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Lead Capture Tools

Hello Bar
Price : Free - $99/month

Hello Bar helps you improve the effectiveness of your website. Convert more visitors into customers with Hello Bar.

Price : Starting from $9/month (billed yearly)

Convert visitors into subscribers with OptinMonster. Create & A/B test beautiful lead capture forms without a developer. It converts website visitors into subscribers and customers.
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Price : Free - On Request

Sumo arms you with a suite of tools to increase your traffic, build a following and track your success every step of the way. Get up and running quickly to start converting your visitors into lifelong customers.
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Price : Pay-As-You-Go

ManyContacts offers real time data enrichment when visitors fill your forms. Install a tiny script on your website and automagically receive enriched visitor information.

Price : $69/month - Custom

Sleeknote converts one-time visitors into email subscribers. You work hard to get loads of traffic to your site, so let’s ensure that they subscribe to your email list, so you can convert them into paying customers. No technical setup, no coding, no hassle.

Price : $29/month - $399/month

Stop losing customers with OptinMonk and recover up to 15% of abandoning visitors with onsite retargeting.

Price : Free - $75/month

MailMunch has everything you need to grow your business. It lets you create multiple type of opt-in forms so you don't have to rely on one way of collecting leads. Its solution includes popups, embedded forms, top bars, slide boxes and more.

Price : Pay-As-You-Go

Start converting your website visitors with Justuno’s complete conversion toolkit. Direct your focus to engaging and converting your visitors and turn things around!

Price : $29/month - $299/month

Grow your customer list by using VYPER's growth toolkit to get more emails, signups, and customers.
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Price : Starting from $29/month

Gleam is a business growth platform that helps you grow your business. It is a smart and efficient way to grow your email list.

Price : $49/month - $199/month

WisePops is a powerful pop-up platform. Build beautiful pop-sps in less than a minute. Its super easy builder helps match your website identity in just a few clicks. Create the exact experience you want. Choose where and when your pop-up shows up – and who sees it – in less than 5 clicks.

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FAQ's for Lead Capture Tools

What are Lead Capture Tools?

You've got steady traffic coming to your website, you're putting up great content, what do you do next? The ideal step would be to capture your visitors' email addresses and cultivate relationships with them in order to make successful conversions. Lead Capture Tools help you do exactly that. They make it easy for any business to capture the email addresses of their website's visitors. Leads Capture Tools play an important role in any type of marketing strategy and are vital to an online business.

Why use Lead Capture Tools?

Retention: Majority of your customers won't convert on their first visit to your website. You will need to put your product/service in front of their eyes more than a few times to make successful conversions. How do you do that if they won't visit your site again? You collect their email addresses with the help of Lead Capture Tools and send them periodic emails, building vital relationships with them.
Independence: When you build your own list using Lead Capture Tools, you are no longer dependent on Google or Facebook or any other platform. Even if they change their algorithm at any point of time, it won't have an affect on your business when you have your own list.
ROI: Email Marketing is known to give one of the highest returns on investment amongst all type of marketing strategies. All the more reason to join this bandwagon.

Which is the best Lead Capture Tool?

There are hundreds of Lead Capture Tools available in the market and Analyzo has gone through all of them to list only the best for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Hello Bar, OptinMonster and Sumo.
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