7 Best E-mail Hosting Tools in 2021

E-mail Hosting Tools enable you to create email accounts using your website's domain name. E-mail is no longer used just for messaging, it also manages your contacts, files, calendars, and more. That's why, choosing the tool that powers yoru team's e-mail is such an important choice. Pricing of these services is usually a fee per month for each user account that you create. Analyzo has listed the best E-mail Hosting Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best E-mail Hosting Tools

G Suite
Price : $5/user/month - $10/user/month

G Suite is a host of work oriented apps created by Google which serve many functions, one of which email hosting. The list includes Gmail, Hangout, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Admin, Calendar, and Vault etc. This is not an exhaustive list. Its allows mobile, web-based and desktop access.
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Price : Starts at $2/User/Month

Rackspace provides a managed, dedicated and scalable email hosting tool. It has a user base of over 3 million customers. Some of its main features include 24/7 support, IOS and Android mobile access, and an Exchange plan offered by partnering with Microsoft.
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Microsoft Office Exchange
Price : $4/User/Month - Custom

Microsoft Exchange Mail is an email hosting tool whose key features include a 50GB mailbox for each email account holder, web, mobile and Outlook access, and unlimited storage capabilities.
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Zoho Mail
Price : Free - $7/User/Month

Zoho Mail is an email hosting service provided by Zoho. Its main features include ad-free inbox, SAML authentication, domain management and user management. Instant chat is also provided from the free plan.

Price : On Request

FuseMail is am email hosting service that provides features such as 99.99% uptime, 24/7 email support and up-to 100GB storage. Some features can be easily enabled such as archiving, email continuity and email encryption.

Big Rock
Price : Starting at $0.66/month per email id

Big Rock is a company that provides its users with many services, one of which include email hosting. Main features include 5GB storage with backup, an intuitive interface powered by OpenXchange and 24/7 support.

Price : Starting from as low as $1.99/user/month

GoDaddy provides an email hosting service with features such as 1TB of online storage, domain based email, online file sharing and 24/7 support. Instant chat and HD conferencing are also provided.

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FAQ's for E-mail Hosting Tools

Why should I use custom domain email addresses?

When you use a Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or other free email account for your business, it makes people wonder “they can’t even afford a professional business email address?”
Using free email accounts for business purposes just doesn’t look very professional, credible or trustworthy, especially in today’s world where email hosting is not very expensive. That’s why it is important that you use custom domain email addresses.

How can I get a free email address for my business?

Zoho Mail is a great email hosting provider that provides free, ad-free email for business. You can sign create as many as 50 email ids under its free plan. Zoho Mail offers a secure, modern and fast email experience to its users.

How do I set up an email account for my domain name?

First you need to select a business email provider which you want to use for setting up email (chances are your domain name provider or hosting provider would also provide email hosting). Next you need to verify that you have the right to use the domain. After your domain name has been verified, you need to update the MX records where your domain is hosted. Whenever an email is sent, the first thing that is looked up is the MX records to determine where to send that email. Lastly, you should add SPF and DKIM records and verify them, this step makes sure that your emails get delivered properly and do not land up in the spam folder.
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