6 Best E-Commerce Search Tools in 2021

Search engines offer a convenient way for people to locate things on your site using the words which they are familiar with. When your website's users can easily find what they want on your site, they are less likely to go away disappointed. E-Commerce Search Tools improve your site's navigation and provides your visitors with another way to locate products on your website. Analyzo has listed the best E-Commerce Search Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best E-Commerce Search Tools

Price : Starting at $79/month

Increase sales and conversions for your ecommerce store in no time thanks to Swiftype’s seamless indexing, insightful analytics, and powerful customization features. Anticipate what customers are searching for as they type to guide them from search box to checkout.

Price : Free - €99/month

Doofinder improves your user's search experience and helps increase your online sales. It gives you results so quick that it allows users to find the desired product without leaving the homepage. You can add predefined results for every search term that you want.

Price : Free - On Request

With Searchanise, increase sales by giving the best search results to your customers. It shows product previews, relevant categories, pages, and search suggestions as you type. Use its control panel to fine-tune your search: define synonyms and stopwords, promote products, show ads.
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Price : $5000/server/year

SearchBlox offers an eCommerce Search that goes beyond just finding products. Geolocation-based searching enables you to implement searching for information like deals, classifieds, real estate or job listings near an address, zip code or landmark.

Price : Free - Custom

Sooqr offers a fast, relevant and self-learning search engine for your website. Its fast and relevant results helps your visitors find their way, regardless of the number of articles. With Sooqr you're in control. You decide what's important and how it looks best.

Price : On Request

InstantSearch+ helps you add fast, relevant search to your site and boost conversions with merchandising & recommendations. See what your users are finding on your site, and what they are not. Promote relevant content or product to match what they are looking for.

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