19 Best Digital Signature Tools in 2021

The growing number of businesses that are going paperless warrants a requriement of tools that provide digital signatures. Features such as fax signatures, online forms signatures, uploading pictures of wet signatures and electronic signatures with date and time stamp provide users with multiple options to make their business more eco-friendly. Other benefits include emailing documents to get recipient's signature, making amends to the document and high volume sending to boost efficiency for larger businesses. Analyzo has listed the best Digital Signature Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Digital Signature Tools

Price : Starting from $15/user/month

DocuSign is an online digital signatures tool that provides its users with plans that accomodates individuals, small/medium businesses and enterprises. Its features include authenticating documents, sending and receiving of documents for signing, authenticating signers of the documents etc.
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Price : $15/month - Custom

RightSignature is an online digital signature tool that is ESIGN and UETA compliant. Its users are provided with features such as wet signature addition, electronic signatures, online sending and receiving documents, document customization that is legally binding etc.
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Price : Free - Custom

HelloSign offers a powerful e-Signature platform for your business agreements. It allows customers to completely white-label and seamlessly embed their signing experience, thus offering an optimal user experience for your customers while maintaining full control of your most valuable asset - your brand.

Adobe Sign
Price : $14.99/month - Custom

Adobe Sign is the world’s top e-sign solution. No matter the size of your organization, you can use it to prepare, send, track, and manage contracts, forms, agreements, and more. Anyone can sign and return, from any device. And you can have it up and running in minutes.
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Price : Starting from $5/user/month (paid annually)

SignNow is an intuitive and easy-to-use e-Signature tool that offers security, customization and integration features. SignNow workflows are highly customizable via a simple user interface and custom branding.

Price : From $15/month

With SignEasy, you get a simple, secure & legal eSignature solution for you and your business. It enables you to sign documents or send them for signature from wherever you are.

Price : Free - Custom

SignRequest provides an affordable, secure and easy-to-use electronic signature solution. It offers a professional and tailor made solution that ensures the highest standard in user friendliness in digital signing for you and your customers.

Price : Starting from $16/user/month (billed yearly)

SigningHub is one of the most efficient and secure digital signature solution available in the market. It ensures your digital signatures have the widest legal acceptability. SigningHub is extremely powerful but also incredibly easy to use.

Price : Starting from $15/month

Smartwaiver converts your existing waiver into a digital waiver that can be signed at your location or online from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Smartwaiver transforms how business owners think about release of liability waivers.

Price : Starting from $15/user/month (billed annually)

PandaDoc streamlines sales, onboarding, training, and much more with unlimited legally-binding electronic signatures.

Price : Starting from $20/user/month

eSignLive is a risk-free e-signature solution that fits all your business needs. E-sign ‘out of the box’ or fully integrate e-signatures with your web and mobile applications or core systems.

Price : From $15/user/month

Legalesign is an electronic signature platform for businesses that enables clients to sign contracts immediately from anywhere in the world.

Price : From $105/month (billed yearly)

Sertifi is an online signature platform that enables businesses to collect eSignatures and customer payments faster. It allows businesses to collect eSignatures, payments and authorizations digitally in a swift and secure manner.

Price : From $40/user/month (billed yearly)

GetAccept is an eSignature and document analytics platform that is trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe. It combines document tracking and eSigning into a single automated platform that greatly boosts efficiency.

eSign Genie
Price : From $10/sender/month

eSign Genie is an easy to use electronic signature software that is used by thousands of users in over 30 countries around the world. It offers essential features, such as, document templates, bulk sending, embedded signing, API access, integrations, and more.

Price : From $25/month

Signority is an electronic signature solution for growing businesses that helps them provide seamless digital transactions to their customers, anytime, anywhere. It completely automates the document signing process so you can focus more on growing your business.

Price : From $15/user/month

DocVerify lets you sign and store legally binding documents from anywhere, anytime. It automates the entire document signing process, saving paper, time and money. DocVerify is used by a wide range of people, from individuals looking to sign a few documents to large businesses that deal with hundreds of documents.

Price : From $20/seat/month

AssureSign is an electronic signature software for mid to large sized businesses whose main task revolves around sending documents and collecting signatures. It provides a faster way to secure eSignatures and saves a great deal of time, especially if you're dealing with hundreds or thousands of documents.

Price : Free - $79.99/month

Eversign helps you create legally binding electronic signatures no matter where you are - at work or at home or on the go. It gives you the ability to approve, deliver and sign documents in a safe and secure manner from anywhere in the world.

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FAQ's for Digital Signature Tools

Are DocuSign documents valid globally?

DocuSign electronic signatures are legally binding for nearly every business or personal transaction in the United States and around the world.
United States: The DocuSign electronic signature solution in the United States complies with the definition of an electronic signature under the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).
United Kingdom: In the United Kingdom, the equivalent legislation to the ESIGN Act in the United States was the Electronic Communications Act 2000. DocuSign warrants that its electronic eSignature solution complies with the definition of an electronic signature under this act.
European Union: Electronic signatures are actively in use in Europe, and DocuSign eSignatures are compliant with eIDAS and EU electronic signature technical standards.
Rest of the World: Many countries in the world have adopted an electronic signature law or recognize electronic signatures. The DocuSign form of electronic signature meets the definition of a valid electronic signature under the vast majority of those laws.

What are the benefits of using digital signature tools?

Savings: Scanning, printing, and couriering documents can be daunting for the budget of large corporations, and results in wastage of time spent on chasing signers around the office. Using digital signature tools helps save cost and time.
Better user-experience: By using digital signature tools help relieve your customers by eliminating the need to download, install, or print stuff. It gives them the ease of signing papers from anywhere - home or vacation
Increased security: Digital signature tools provide tamper-evident seals that notify your customers every time the document is altered. They even keep track of who is downloading the document.

What are the key features to look out for in digital signature tools?

The list of features of digital signature tools varies greatly; however there are a few those that are most vital for every business:
Security: When signing documents electronically, you’re literally transacting personal information online, which means security is an imperative feature for every e-signer. Information must be technically protected, and access must be secured with multi-approved privileges and proactive protection policies.
Privacy: Even if multiple employees are using the program at the same time, each of them should have his right to reveal information selectively, and to do transactions discreetly.
Compliance: Signing papers online must comply with industry policies, laws, standards, and regulations.
Audit Trail: This function is very important for enforceability, and without it you’re very likely risking to sign papers in a non-reliable manner.
Scalability: Digital signature tools should be able to accept increased volumes of documents without obstructing their performance.

How secure are digital signatures?

Electronic signatures are designed to create a unique fingerprint showcasing the authenticity of a signed document. The process involved with signing documents online identifies the signer and the document, and then stores the sealed document in a store place. Any attempts made to tamper with the document become visible.
All of your interactions are encrypted which stops any outside parties from snooping data you’re sending. This makes sure rigorous checks are carried out at every stage of the signing process, ensuring all details around the document stay the same throughout. This means that any change to the documents’ unique digital signature will immediately be flagged for inspection.
Your business activities are not only secure from a legal standpoint but also secure from storage point of view. Digital signature software keep your details and files in a highly restrictive, access limited database, thus making them highly secure.

Are digital signatures legally accepted?

Electronic signatures are legal, trusted, and enforceable in industrialized countries around the world. Signature laws may vary from country to country, yet most share the same basic principles. In over 25 countries - including the United States, Russia, Canada, China, countries in Europe, and Australia - electronic signatures are legally binding.

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is like an electronic signature, but with more security than a traditional electronic signature. When a document is signed with a digital signature, the signature links a “fingerprint” of the document to your identity. This information is permanently embedded into the document, and the document will show in case someone comes in and tries to tamper with it after you’ve signed it.
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