3 Best Customer Testimonial Tools in 2021

Customer testimonials is a key component in every modern business' tool kit. Businesses today are run in very competitive environments. Customers have plenty of options and competitors are always ready to steal them away from you. Customer Testimonial Tools can help you remain a strong competitor by increasing your trust quotient for the new customers. Analyzo has listed the best Customer Testimonial Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best Customer Testimonial Tools

Price : Free - $50/month

Spectoos is a great tool to collect and display customer testimonials on your site. It increases time spent by customer on the site, boosts reputation, and increases conversion. Build a visually compelling widget featuring customer testimonials and embed it easily on any page.

Easy Testimonials Pro
Price : $59/year - $599/year

Easy Testimonials Pro is an effective tool for selling a potential customer on your product or service. It offers an opportunity to potential customers to hear directly from people who have already invested in your service.

Price : $19/month - $199/month

Boast offers an easy and simple way to get customer testimonials for your business. It allows customers to share their stories and rave about your brand and their experiences. You can either add sinppet of code to your website or have your customers download the mobile app to start collecting media testimonials.

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