5 Best Contract Management Software in 2021

Contract Management Software ensure that a contract is structured properly and reviewed appropriately, its provisions enforced and intent realized, and its weaknesses recognized and corrected. Analyzo has listed the best Contract Management Software for you to choose from based on your requirements.

Best Contract Management Software

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Icertis solves the hardest contract management problems on the easiest-to-use platform, helping global enterprises to manage risk and ensure compliance.

Price : Free - $120/license/month

Using agiloft you can automate the complete contract lifecycle, streamline your approval process, and integrate contract information into related business processes. You can eliminate approval bottlenecks with automatic notifications and one-click email approvals.
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Price : $39/User/Month-$79/User/Month

SpringCM is a secure cloud application that manages documents, contracts and all types of content for fast-growing businesses. SpringCM helps manage the entire document lifecycle including proposals, quotes and contracts through the close of the deal.
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CobbleStone Systems
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Some of the core features of Cobblestone Systems is its Enterprise contract management software, agreement tracking, e-mail alerts, templates, tasks & workflow, user-definable fields, reporting/searching, and compliance care.

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With Coupa, you don’t send documents out to other people, you invite them in to collaborate.
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FAQ's for Contract Management Software

Are contract management systems secure?

Contract management systems implement best-of-the-class security measures and processes that involve consistent monitoring to ensure top-of-the-grade security and privacy. There are certain things related to security which you should take into account while choosing a contract management software:
Multi-factor authentication for secured login access.
Secure Multi-Tenancy in Cloud: Data of multiple customers is not shared.
Fine grained, highly customizable role/permission scheme-based security system for users.
SSL Certificate: SSL is a security measure that is used to provide secure transfer of data between browser and server.
Encrypted data storage, where all documents are stored in an encrypted format by default.

What are the benefits of using contract management software?

Contract management software help you finish your contracts faster, so that you are able to collect them sooner. Contract management software systems make your contracts significantly accurate which reduces the risk of having disputes. Some important benefits of utilizing contract management solutions are - decreased contract cycle times, diminished risk, increased user adoption rates, reduced revenue leakage, increased security and compliance, and greater contract flexibility, among many others.

How contract management drives the sales cycle?

Contract management is not just about contracts anymore, it is concerned with everything and everybody that touches contracts. Organizations, now days, want a system that streamlines and connects the business processes (from quoting to contracting to revenue) into a single seamless cycle, so that the information can be automatically fed into each other, ensuring that all the parties involved have the updated information.
Contract managment is closely linked to sales process and improving contract management could greatly make sales process more efficient and effective. Contract management takes care of producing and delivering approved conracts to the organization's existing clients and future prospects. This allows sales teams to focus on CRM, communications and revenue production.

What is contract management?

Contract management can be defined as the management of all contracts pertaining to a business, for example, contracts between employees and organisation, contracts between vendors and organisations, contracts between partners, etc. Contract management is essentially the digital equivalent of a filling cabinet. Contract management software systems are used to manage the entire lifecycle of a contract, whether it involves creating a contract, utilising a contract, or contributing to a contract.
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