15 Best Content Marketing Software in 2021

Content Marketing software help marketing agencies and teams to manage and optimize the creation, curation, distribution, monitoring, sharing, and sourcing of content - it could be written content, images, videos, or infographics. These software allows businesses to optimize their marketing strategies across multiple channels by promoting collaboration and cohesion among marketing teams, thus, helping them plan, track, and manage activities by both internal and external parties. Content Marketing products are used to engage readers by executing content strategies that present information in targeted ways. These software help companies present the right information to appropriate audiences by enabling them to create, manage, and distribute content. Analyzo has listed the best Content Marketing software that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Content Marketing Software

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Ceros is powerful interactive content creation software for marketers & designers. Say goodbye to annoying preview workflows. With Ceros, you can view a live preview of your content in real time as you edit in the Studio. You can fully customize your page titles, URLs, meta descriptions, and custom HTML for SEO.

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To draw audiences day after day, you need more than just a great story—you need scalable and sustainable processes. Many companies use Skyword’s content marketing software, freelance community, and services to build an engine for sustained creation and distribution of original content.

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Create amazing buyer experiences with Showpad's sales enablement platform. Discover the best, up-to-date content for each unique conversation with our content discovery platform.

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Put the buyer at the center of your marketing strategy with engaging, personalized experiences. Easily incorporate interactive content across your entire funnel with SnapApp’s drag-and-drop interface, intuitive for any marketer.

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Your most sales-ready buyers are ready for more information about your company, products and services right now. PathFactory's intelligent content platform accelerates purchase decisions by making it easier for people to consume more of your content wherever and whenever they click.

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Uberflip helps you create remarkable content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey. Through various tools, marketers can build amazing experiences around their content to promote engagement and generate leads. As a marketer, you have the control over your content.

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Contently brings the timeless art of storytelling into the digital age.

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Generate more and better content with Scoop.it. Get more traffic and leads from your content.

Vision Critical
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Vision Critical makes it easy for enterprises to curate and share amazing content. A single Vision Critical hub can centralize, distribute, and optimize content across all of your communication channels.

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Outbrain Amplify drives success for businesses of all sizes, with measurable results against a broad range of marketing objectives. Optimize your content, connect with audiences, and create long-term relationships with readers. It’s smarter programming that maximizes engagement and delivers higher revenues.

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Curata is software built for planning, producing and measuring content marketing. Execute faster with custom content templates that fit your process. Have relevant drafts and email correspondence intelligently assigned to appropriate projects.

Ion Interactive
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Ion is an interactive content platform that provides the scalable foundation to grow from one interactive experience to one thousand interactive experiences. Begin engaging, converting and profiling higher quality prospects using Ion Interactive.

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Percolate powers successful multi-channel marketing. From giving you global visibility across initiatives down to measuring individual campaign impact, Percolate helps you see, organize, and improve everything marketing makes.

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TrackMaven helps marketers prove the value of their efforts. With unified reporting across your social media, blog, email, ads, and website analytics, TrackMaven makes it easy to prove the impact of your marketing activities.

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By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically transforms those terms into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions. Translate your passion and expertise into a sustainable business.

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FAQ's for Content Marketing Software

What are Content Marketing Tools?

Now days, Content Marketing is much more not just about churning out well-written articles. It includes anything that includes content, for example, SEO, Social Media, and more. Now this is a lot to manage. Thankfully, with the help of Content Marketing Tools that are designed specifically for the purpose of managing every aspect of content marketing, businesses can effectively handle all these moving pieces.

What are the key features to look out for while choosing a Content Marketing Tool?

Split Testing: Take the guesswork out of your business and perform A/B testing on two different pieces of content to see which one performs better.
SEO: It is important that your content is SEO optimized. Content Marketing Tools help you optimize your meta descriptions, URLs, titles and more.
Metrics: Gather information about various aspects, such as, page views, click rates, social shares, etc.
Social Channels: Manage all your social media activities directly from within the platform.

What are the benefits of using Content Marketing Tools?

If you have a business where you manage various tasks manually, such as, writing content for articles, SEO, writing social media posts, PR activities, and so on, you would have realised that it is not very feasible to do all this at a larger scale.
That is why many businesses use Content Marketing Tools for managing all aspects related to their content marketing strategies. Content Marketing Tools are powerful all-in-one platforms that manage everything, be it SEO, content generation, social media posts, etc. Not only this, Content Marketing Tools provide valuable metrics that give insights into how users are engaging with your content. This helps in finding out what type of content works best for your business.
The benefits of Content Marketing Tools are not limited to just one or two. They are great sources for businesses to improve and streamline their workflows.

Which is the best Content Marketing Tool?

Analyzo has done thorough research and listed the best Content Marketing Tools for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Ceros, Showpad, SnapApp and Skyword.
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