5 Best Competitive Intelligence Tools for Media Buying in 2017

When you're doing media buys, or using an RTB, competitive intelligence is pretty much mandatory. Competitive Intelligence Tools for Media Buying give you loads of advantages that you couldn't otherwise have. Businesses need to employ marketing technologies that will give them a real leg up in the digital landscape in order to stand out from the crowd. Analyzo has listed the best Competitive Intelligence Tools for Media Buying that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best Competitive Intelligence For Media Buying

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comScore helps clients measure what matters to make cross-platform audiences and advertising more valuable.  The goal of advertising is and always has been to have an impact. While it’s critically important for an ad to get seen, viewability is not a measure of effectiveness. It’s

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WhatRunsWhere is a popular competitive intelligence platform for online and mobile media buying. It allows users to know where their competitors are advertising and what kind of ads they are using. It also provides users with information like which advertisers and ads are running on a

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AdClarity is a media intelligence solution for advertising professionals to uncover advertiser, mediator, and publisher online strategies. Leverage real-time display, mobile, and video data to create cohesive cross-channel digital campaigns across all digital channels and devices to

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MixRank is the most comprehensive database of mobile apps, developers, SDKs, technologies, services, and integrations. Hundreds of the top mobile technology and services vendors have used MixRank to grow sales, react to competitors, plan market strategies, and retain customers. Instantly identify

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Adbeat is focused on building the most comprehensive competitive intelligence platform for display advertising the world has ever seen. At the same time it is committed to ensuring every screen and report provides real, actionable insights. Adbeat crawls the web on a massive scale to collect

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