4 Best Color Palette Tools in 2021

An essential element to creating a good design is creating a good looking color scheme. There are dozens of color scheme tools on the web that promise to help you reach color nirvana. Not all of them are same though; many are just basic rip-offs of the more useful or popular offerings. The color scheme you pick impacts your whole website's design and choosing from countless color combinations makes it a difficult process. Analyzo has listed the best Color Palette Tools tools that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best Color Palette Tools

Price : Free

Coolors is a color scheme generator. It allows the users to type in their colors to get nice matching color combinations instantly. The users can generate infinite color palettes for their designs and share, export or save them in their profile.

Adobe Color CC
Price : Free

Adobe Color CC is a helpful tool for artists and designers that allows them to capture five colors through whatever is being viewed in their devices. It captures the exact color of an object and brings the color into an interactive color wheel to allow the users to edit and refine their color

Skala Color
Price : Free

Skala is a free, compact and feature-rich OS X color picker that works with a variety of formats, covering everything that the users need for web, iOS, Android, and OS X development.

Price : Free

Paletton is one of the most popular tools for picking a color palette that works without much effort. Paletton presents the user with a color wheel and several color scheme styles like Mono, Complement, Triad, Tetrad and more.

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