11 Best Code Review Tools in 2021

Code Review Tools let you review code, communicate across the team, and deliver quality software all from one interface. With most development teams being distributed globally, your development process requires an efficient feedback mechanism which ensures you aren’t losing time while collaborating across time zones. Analyzo has listed the best Code Review Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Code Review Tools

Smartbear Collaborator
Price : $480/year - $1799/year

With most development teams being distributed globally, Collaborator provides an efficient feedback mechanism within a tool to ensure you aren’t losing any velocity or time while collaborating across time zones.

Review Assistant
Price : Free - $2999.95

Review Assistant is a code review plug-in for Visual Studio. Its code review tool allows to create review requests and respond to them without once leaving the platform.

Atlassian Crucible
Price : $10 - $20000 (one-time)

Crucible by Atlassian is a collaborative tool that helps the users to review code, discuss changes, share knowledge and identify defects across SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS, and Perforce.

Price : Free

Codebrag is a simple code review tool, which integrates with any SVN or Git repository, whether hosted locally or in the cloud.

Review Board
Price : Free

Review Board lets you review anything. There's more to your project than just code. Documentation, artwork, website designs, interface mockups, release announcements, feature specifications, and the list goes on.

Code Climate
Price : Starting from $20/month

Code Climate empowers organizations to take control of their code quality by incorporating fully configurable test coverage and maintainability data throughout the development workflow.

Price : Free - Custom

Automate your workflow – let Upsource analyze your code and track progress, while you focus on improvements. Participate in discussions and manage your reviews without leaving the comfort of your IDE.

Price : Free - $100/month

Coveralls helps you deliver code confidently by showing which parts of your code aren’t covered by your test suite. It is free-to-use for open source repos whereas pro accounts for private repos. You can instantly sign up through GitHub, Bitbucket, and Gitlab.

Price : On Request

Veracode is an automated, on-demand application security testing and code review solution. Veracode helps developers create secure software by scanning compiled code (also called “binary” or “byte” code) instead of source code.

Price : Free - $20/user/month

Discuss, plan, code, review and test with Phabricator. Phabricator provides you with everything you need, all in one tool.

Price : Free - On Request

Check code style, security, duplication, and scope on each change while monitoring code quality through each run. Codacy helps save hours in code audit and code quality maintaining, from small teams to enormous organizations.

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FAQ's for Code Review Tools

What do Code Review Tools do?

Code Review Tools are usually used by developers in the early stages of application development to find bugs and issues in the application. Code Review Tools are used to improve the quality of the application and ensure that it functions as per the requirements. They make it easy for other developers in a team to review the code and find bugs in it. This makes collaborating easy.

What is the advantage of using Code Review Tools?

Code Review Tools enable developers other than the author to review the source code with the aim of finding inconsistencies or bugs in it. They make it easy to review the code as the application is developed and fix the bugs before the application is deployed. This helps save both time and cost.

What are the features to look for in a Code Review Tool?

Reports: Reports help analyse the review process and provides information about the bugs found.
Bug Tracking: Write comments and mark issues in real-time as the code is written so that it can be fixed before the application is deployed.
Integrations: The Code Review Tool should be able to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications, like, IDEs, SCMs, etc.

Which is the best Code Review Tool?

Out of hundreds of Code Review Tools in the market, Analyzo has done thorough research and listed the best of them for you to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Smartbear, Review Assistant, Atlassian's Crucible and Codebrag.

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