6 Best Online Storage Services in 2017

As our lives are getting more mobile while using multiple computing devices, it has become imperative that our data be accessible on all our devices like laptops, mobiles and tablets rather than sitting solely on our desktop. Storing files in the cloud boasts an array of advantages for both home and professional users. Top services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud etc. all store your data safely and securely. Analyzo has listed the best cloud storage solutions here for you. Here are a few quick reviews to help you give your hard drive the boot in favor of an online storage service.

Best Cloud Storage

Price : Free - Custom

Dropbox is one of the only online storage solutions to offer clients for Linux and Blackberry, alongside the usual Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS standards. The Web interface is simple yet feature rich, and has some unique capabilities unavailable in other interfaces, like browsing files, creation, deletion and update events.
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Price : Free - $299.99/month

In much the same way as OneDrive links into Microsoft products and iCloud to Apple, Google Drive is at the heart of the various online services that Google currently offers. It provides with a good 15 GB space when you setup your Google account - or link to an existing one.
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Price : Free - Custom pricing

Sometimes mistaken for the similarly named Dropbox, Box has actually been around longer than its more famous counterpart, starting out in 2005. The possible reason for its less well known stature is that for most of that time the company has focused on the business side of the market
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Price : Free - Custom

iCloud Drive allows you to store any document, even if it isn't created in an Apple app, and access them from a PC ( via iCloud for Windows or icloud.com ) in addition to iOS and OS X devices. There’s no app for Windows Phone, Android or Blackberry.

Price : Free - Custom

Not to be left out in the battle of the big players, Amazon has its own cloud storage solution to take on the likes of Google and Microsoft. The focus of Cloud Drive is much simpler as there are no fancy plug-ins or web based Office suites to add productivity to your data. Instead, it’s just focused on being a place to store your documents, photos

One Drive
Price : Free - $99.99/year

Much of the functionality in OneDrive is similar to Dropbox, with apps available to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and of course Windows Phone users. There is a referral incentive whereby users gain 500MB of storage for every friend that signs up to an account through them.
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