7 Best Cloud Hosting Services in 2021

Cloud Hosting Services provide hosting for websites on virtual servers. Cloud hosting exists as an alternative to hosting websites on single servers (either dedicated or shared). It can also be considered as a clustered hosting where websites can be hosted on multiple servers. They can either be rented on hourly basis or monthly basis. They have the advantage of allowing website owners to instantly increase or decrease resources. Analyzo has listed the best Cloud hosting services for you to choose from based on your requirements.

Best Cloud Hosting Services

Microsoft Azure
Price : Free - Custom

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure, created by Microsoft, for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. There are specific software development kits (SDKs) provided by Microsoft for Python,
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IBM Cloud
Price : Custom

The IBM Cloud brings together cloud technology with design and agile practices to help companies build transformative apps and services. It is available in nearly 60 data centers globally, and your own. The IBM Cloud makes it possible to consume cloud services over the internet, to deploy
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Amazon EC2
Price : Free - Custom

Amazon started Amazon Web Services (AWS) to address the rapidly growing cloud computing market. In less than 10 years it has become one of the largest players in its field providing a highly reliable, secure, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands
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Engine Yard
Price : From $25/month

Engine Yard is a San Francisco, California based, privately held company which provides with a cloud application management platform. It can be deployed with three major web platforms i.e. Ruby, Node.js and PHP. Its native databases are MySQL and PostGreSQL with its native services including
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Price : Custom

Joyent Inc is a software and services company based in California which specializes in application virtualization and cloud computing. Its core features include Auto Scaling, Cloud Storage, Database as a Service, Disaster Recovery, Firewalls, Horizontal Scaling, Load Balancing, Object Storage,

Price : Custom

The Rackspace Cloud is a set of cloud computing products and services billed on a utility computing basis from the US-based company Rackspace. It provides with web application hosting or platform as a service, Cloud Storage, virtual private server, load balance, databases, backup, and monitoring.

Google Cloud
Price : Free - Custom

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing platform by Google that offers hosting on the same supporting infrastructure that Google uses internally for end-user products like Google Search and YouTube. It allows you to write applications in Python, Java, PHP and Go using its existing frameworks

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FAQ's for Cloud Hosting Services

How secure is cloud hosting?

Strong surveillance and perimeters: Most of the top cloud hosting service providers exhibit multiple layers of security defenses to ensure data security. These include fences, barbed wires, security cameras, armed security personnale, etc. These physical barriers prevent unauthorized access.
Controlled access: Data centers are generally located at off-site locations to make sure that no one has access to data, be it employees or visitors or anybody else. The lack of physical access greatly reduces the chances of data being compromised.
Cyber security expertise: Since cloud networks are monitored at all times, it is possible to detect security threats in real-time.  Cloud gives you access not only to the best data centers but also to highly skilled IT professionals.
Thorough and frequent auditing: Cloud storage providers undergo yearly audits to protect against flaws in their security systems.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

Reliability: Since your site data is stored on multiple data and machines, even if one of them stops functioning for some reason, your site would not go down. This makes your site reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of the visitors.
Scalability: Cloud hosting is very flexible when it comes to scalability. It can easily grow as your traffic grows. With cloud hosting, you only pay for what you use and your computing resources can be increased as per the demand.
Versatility: Cloud hosting is incredibly versatile. It gives you the ability to have exactly the space, architecture, processing power, OS, and security you need.

What's the difference between public and private cloud?

A publilc cloud can be defined as the cloud hosting equivalent of a shared server. It is a collection of machines and servers, interlinked to each other, which holds and stores data for several sites.
Whereas, in a private cloud, the computing resources and the infrastructure is utilized to store data for only one site and is not shared amongst several sites. This has higher costs, but offers greater security and control.

How does cloud hosting work?

Unlike traditional web-hosting where your data is stored on a single server and machine, cloud hosting stores your data on multiple servers that are spread across multiple locations yet remain interconnected. The data is accessed and managed via a virtual machine that manages all the different servers.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of web-hosting where data is stored on virtual servers. These virtual servers are linked to extensive underlying networks of physical web servers from where the computing resources are pulled.
Users can benefit from cloud hosting as they can utilise it as much as they need to, based on their requirements. They are only required to pay for what they use which leads to cost savings.
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