5 Best Call Center Software in 2021

Call Center Software, as the name suggests, are built with the aim of helping businesses better manage the operations associated with running a call center. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to a business and Call Center Software are the ideal tools to improve it. These intuitive platforms are designed with the sole purpose of improving the overall efficiency of managing a call center without in a simple manner. Call Center Software house powerful features, such as, call recording, custom IVR, on-hold music, etc. that truly lift the performance of your call center. Analyzo has listed the best Call Center Software for you to choose from based on your needs and requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.


Best Call Center Software

Price : On Request

Ameyo is an omni-channel call center software used by thousands of businesses in 60+ countries to improve customer experience. Businesses of all scales, from startups to enterprises, take advantage of Ameyo's intuitive call center solution that boasts CRM and AI capabilities.

Zoho Desk
Price : Free - $30/agent/month

Zoho Desk is a complete customer service software that helps businesses focus on customers by providing in-depth analytics regarding all customer interactions that take place. It greatly improves your employees' productivity by giving them the tools they need to provide the best possible customer service.

Price : Free - $49/agent/month

Freshcaller by Freshworks is a powerful call center software that helps businesses setup a fully function cloud PBX phone system in no time.

Price : Free - $40/user/month

CallHippo is an intelligent virtual phone system used by thousands of businesses for managing their call center operations. It is easy-to-use and can be setup in no time which means you can start using it instantly without wasting much time.

Price : From INR 9999 for 6 months

Exotel is a cloud communications platform that helps businesses construct and maintain a healthy relation with their customers via voice and SMS. All over the world, businesses from all walks of life use Exotel to improve the performance of their call centers.

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FAQ's for Call Center Software

What are the advantages of using a Call Center Software?

Improves Performance: Monitoring calls help identify the areas which can be improved.
Success Path: By tracking all activity, businesses are better able to find out what works for their business so that they can stick to that path.
Saves Cost: When you use cloud based call center solutions, you save a lot of money that is otherwise spent on expensive hardware.

What are the general features of a Call Center Software?

Call Recording: One of the most important features if not the most important one is call recording. Recording each and every call serves dual purpose - it helps identify the areas in which your team is lagging behind and it also helps train new comers.
Call Hold Music: Playing music while customers have been put on hold helps reduce their agitation of being put on hold.
IVR: Creating a custom IVR allows you to put the most accessed options on the top to provide easy accessibility.

Which is the best Call Center Software?

Off late, more and more Call Center Software have popped up in the market. Some of them are good and some of them aren't as reliable. After doing thorough research, Analyzo has listed the best Call Center Software for you to choose from based on your needs and requirements. Some of the most popular ones are CallHippo, Exotel and Ameyo.
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