18 Best Business Intelligence Tools in 2021

Business Intelligence Tools help organizations gain insights, analyze, transform and report data for growth of a business. They help you with strategic planning and forecasting processes based on refined and accurate data, thus, helping you increase the efficiency of decision making process for your businesses. Business Intelligence Tools offer companies a way to monitor data and generate better insights - necessary components in making better, smarter decisions that drive better results. Analyzo has listed the best Business Intelligence Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Business Intelligence Tools

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Domo is a business intelligence tool that provides its users with features such as over 300 data connectors, 1 click apps, data visualization and collaboration.
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Chartio is a business intelligence tool that provides features such as a free demo on request to potential users, drag and drop chart creation and a no limits interface.
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TIBCO Spotfire Cloud
Price : From $25/month

TIBCO Spotfire Cloud is a cloud based business intelligence tool that provides its users with features such as multiple data connectors, location analysis as well as cloud storage.
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Zoho Reports
Price : Free - $495/Month

Zoho Reports is a business intelligence tool that provides its users with multiple plans. Its features list includes push data service, a variety of reporting components (charts, pivot tables etc.), visual analysis and data upload. Collaboration with up-to 2 users comes standard on the free plan.
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GoodData is a Saas based Business Intelligence tool which provides features such as interactive dashboards, promote visual data discovery and multi-user capabilities.
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Qlik Sense Cloud
Price : Free - $15/User/Month (billed yearly)

Qlik Sense Cloud is a business intellingence tool that currently is only available in a free plan. Its features include 1GB cloud storage, multi-user access,user permissions and data fusion.
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IBM Cognos
Price : On request

IBM Cognos is a business intelligence tool that provides its users with features such as predictive analysis, meta-data handling, data fusion, drill down ability as well as web access through mobile phones and other devices.
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InsightSquared is a business intelligence tool whose features include a variety of analytics tools, 400 report insights and real time data.
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Lumira Cloud
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Lumira Cloud is a cloud based business intelligence tool whose features include secure data access, data visualization tools and multiple data connectors. Some of its customers include Daimler Trucks and NFL.
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Your data is scattered across many different sources and growing every day. Sisense gives you the easiest way to create insights and business value from complex data. You can tackle complex data using a single, agile tool that scales and adapts to your business needs.

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Looker has harnessed the power of SQL to create a uniquely powerful data analytics platform that helps companies get real value from their data. Data analysts get knowledge of the data out of their heads and into LookML, Looker’s simple yet powerful data modeling language.

Price : Starting at $25/user/month

Geckoboard helps everyone in your team focus on work that improves the metrics that matter to your business. It makes your KPIs highly visible and easy-to-understand with a live TV dashboard that means everyone knows where to focus their work at all times and can monitor real-time progress towards business goals.

Highcharts Cloud
Price : Free - Custom

Highcharts makes it easy for developers to set up interactive charts in their web pages. Highstock lets you create stock or general timeline charts in pure JavaScript. Create interactive map charts with drilldown and touch support.

Microsoft Power BI
Price : From $9.99/user/month

Microsoft's Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device. With Power BI on the web, monitor your important data from across your organization and from all of the apps you rely on.

Salesforce Einstein
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Salesforce Einstein is artificial intelligence (AI) built into the core of the Salesforce Platform, where it powers the world’s smartest CRM. It delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales, service, and marketing — and enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps.

MicroStrategy Cloud
Price : On Request

MicroStrategy Cloud combines all of the enterprise analytics, mobile, and security features of the MicroStrategy 10 platform with powerful, scalable tools for data integration, validation, and warehousing. It’s designed to help organizations get up and running as quickly as possible.

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Birst is a powerful business intelligence platform that allows an all members of an organization to connect with each other through a network of inter-connected analytical instances.

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FAQ's for Business Intelligence Tools

What effect do BI tools have on analysis?

Business Intelligence tools help organizations analyze huge chunks of data. They provide great insight with actionable recommendations. Majority of the detailed insights regarding a report of a particular behavior or a product are in fact a result of analytics conducted on huge chunks of data. Analytics reports show how well the products are doing in real-world, highlight the trends, and define the progress with respect to place, time, and other important criteria.
Analytics reveal the health of a product, recommend opportunities for expansion, gauge its demand, find out the cause behind low sales, showcase the spike in sales with a promotional campaign, and suggest actionable insights that can boost the sales of a product.
The objective of collating and analyzing the data is to club it all together to showcase a pattern and visually present a trend on how the product is doing. Business intelligence tools are specifically customized software applications that can read, decipher data, and come up with insights using just the raw data files.

What is data visualization?

With respect to BI software, data visualization is an effective and fast method of transferring information from a machine to a human brain. The basic idea is to place digital information into a visual context so that the analytic output can be quickly ingested by human beings, often at a glance.
An interactive visualization provides layered “drill downs”, which means the viewer can interact with the visual to reach more granular information on one or more aspects incorporated in the bigger picture. The best visualizations are designed with function in mind, usually the quick and intuitive transfer of information.

What is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a broad term that covers all of the activities necessary for a company to turn raw information into actionable knowledge. It basically helps a company to understand what it knows and what it doesn’t know of its own existence and operations, with the ultimate goal of increasing profits and sharpening its competitive edge.
Business Intelligence Software are instrumental in providing analytics for data mining, analytical processing, querying, reporting, and especially visualizing.

How can businesses leverage the power of BI technology?

BI can be used by any business, irrespective of its size (small, medium or big) because of a number of reasons - business intelligence systems help you increase market share; they make efficient use of your resources, enable you to target new audiences, depict business opportunities and point out negative trends, and protect your data from unwanted manipulation. BI Systems process vast amount data that would take ages to analyze manually. They help provide instant and real-time answers in critical moments, and help make accurate predictions for the future.
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