20 Best Bug Tracking Tools in 2021

Bugs or Defects are some system faults and failures which needs to be identified for smooth functioning of a software or system. Over time, tracking and management of these bugs have become eqaually important than its correction beacause the latter has a straight solution. Quality Assurance market has seen a large number of defect management systems due to this need. Analyzo has listed the best Bug Tracking Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best Bug Tracking Tools

Price : Pay-As-You-Go

SpiraTest is a quality assurance and test management tool that manages project's requirements, test-cases, bugs or defects and releases with integrated release scheduling and defect tracking.
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Rational ClearQuest
Price : On Request

IBM Rational ClearQuest is an enterprise level workflow automation tool configured as a bug tracking system. It can also be implemented as a CRM tool or as a tracking tool for manufacturing process. A record can be changed or created using its multi-record update, inline modification and inline creation features.
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Zoho Bug Tracker
Price : Free - $50/month

Zoho Bug Tracker is an online bug-tracking and issue management software that lets you submit, organize and track bugs. Its bug tracking system automates bugs according to the custom project workflows, business rules and classifications.
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Price : Free

Bugzilla is a web-based free tracking tool that provides bug tracking and testing tools. The Bugzilla Life Cycle provides with an efficient workflow right from confirmation to its handling and reporting. It has an advanced search option for searching existing issues and filter using any field in the database.

Price : Starting from $10/month

Jira is an issue tracking software that provides bug tracking, issue tracking and project management. It allows users to resolve issues through multiple workflows. The Workflow Validator streamlines the workflow management and real-time visibility.
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Gemini Tracker
Price : On Request

Gemini Tracker is a project tracker and bug tracking system for medium to enterprise level businesses. It lets you design your own customized workflow using drag & drop interface. Its reusable filters can be used to find bugs of interest and then save your search for subsequent use.
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Price : Free - Custom

Bugsnag monitors your website and mobile app for errors impacting your customers. To date, Bugsnag has processed over 10 billion application crashes from thousands of top technology companies, including Square, OpenTable, StubHub, CBS Interactive, GitHub and Slack.

Price : Pay-As-You-Go

YouTrack is an issue tracker specifically designed for development teams.

Price : Free - On Request

With each bug report, Instabug automatically capture a screenshot that your users can draw on to highlight or blur parts of it. Also, your users can attach other screenshots, voice notes, or even attach a screen recording of the app.

Price : $19/month - $899/month

Raygun helps you gain complete visibility into problems your users are experiencing and workflow tools to solve them quickly as a team.

Price : Free - Custom

Backlog's simple yet powerful interface can be quickly adopted by anyone, even if they aren't a developer. Work with clients, designers, and other teams on one connected platform to complete projects in record time.

Price : From $59/month

Airbrake is the leading exception reporting service, currently providing error monitoring for 50,000 applications with support for 18 programming languages.

Price : Free - Custom

Detect, diagnose and defeat errors with Rollbar. Debug with data and instantly know what's broken and why.

Price : Free - On Request

Sentry provides open source error tracking that shows you every crash in your stack as it happens, with the details needed to prioritize, identify, reproduce, and fix each issue. It also gives you information your support team can use to reach out to and help those affected.

Price : From $10/user/month

ReQtest is a cloud based bug tracking tool that enables businesses to effectively create, run and manage test cases. Its added project management capabilities ensure that the application is bug free and runs smoothly.

Price : $50/server/month

Retrace combines several tools every development team needs. Retrace collects performance data about your application at the code level. Quickly identify why your application is slow, how to improve performance and much more. Retrace provides a wide array of insights and monitoring capabilities for developers.

Price : From $29/month

BugHerd is a simple point and click bug tracker, that was founded in 2011. Capture client feedback, resolve issues and manage projects visually, all with BugHerd's easy-to-use bug tracking platform.

Helix ALM
Price : On Request

Helix ALM is an all-in-one powerful set of tools that is designed to help you achieve end-to-end traceability across the entire product lifecycle. It makes life easy for development teams by allowing them to easily trace requirements, tests, and bugs across the development lifecycle.

Quality Center
Price : On Request

Quality Center is a quality management software that offers requirements management, test management and business process testing. It provides on-premise installation as well as cloud based SaaS service.

Price : $20/user/month

Phabricator by Phacility is an intuitive platform that lets you discuss, plan, code, review and test all from the confines of a single easy-to-use solution.

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FAQ's for Bug Tracking Tools

Why to use bug tracking tools?

Catch bugs earlier: With bug tracking tools, bugs can be caught and solved at an early stage. If the bugs are caught at a later stage, it may take more time to solve them than it would have at an initial stage, thus adding to the costs.
Find more bugs: Bug tracking tools allow developers to find smallest of bugs which they might not notice otherwise.

What are the advantages of using bug tracking tools?

Deliver high quality of product: Bug tracking systems assure that detected bugs are fixed. They help track problems and analyze efforts taken by team members to fix bugs or issues. This results in delivering efficient product on-time within a given budget.
Improve ROI: Bug tracking systems’ ability to track severity of an issue allows developers to prioritize which bugs need to be fixed right away. This saves both time and cost.
Better teamwork: Bug tracking systems help reduce communication gap so that the concerned teams/individuals can start fixing the bug right away.
Detect issues earlier: Bug tracking systems maintain a log that contains all the information about a bug, such as - when the bug was detected, who fixed it, etc.
Understanding defect trends: By maintaining logs, bug tracking systems can identify trends that lead cause bugs and thus help prevent them before they could occur.
Better service: Bug tracking tools give your customers the ability to directly report a bug if they find one which helps improve the overall service.

What are the key features of a bug tracking software?

Reporting Ability: Detailed reporting that provides insights into how the bug occurred, which environment it occurred in, how severe it is, and so on.
Assigning: The ability of assigning a bug to the correct team or personnel so it can be resolved.
Workflow: Ability to progress through the life-cycle stages.
History: Providing an accurate history of bugs and comments.
Storage & Revival: A bug tracking tool must provide a way to have an ID, which can be used to store, retrieve (search) and organize bug information.

What is bug tracking?

Bug tracking is the process of finding bugs in a software program so that these bugs can be removed and managed. These bugs are also sometimes called exceptions or errors. Bug tracking is performed to ensure high product quality
Bugs and errors can damage reputation and lead to massive costs both in terms of money and time. Bug tracking aims at preventing these costs with the help of bug tracking tools.
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