10 Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways in 2021

Bitcoin Payment Gatways enable you to sell to anyone, anywhere, securely and instantly. They allow you to accept payments in Bitcoins, make direct deposits to your desired bank, and make withdrawals in the currency of your choice. They also provide protection against chargeback fraud and identity theft. Analyzo has listed the best Bitcoin Payment Gateways that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or Compare plans across companies.

Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways

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Bitpay allows you to receive payment in any amount from anywhere in the world. It provides protection against identity theft and chargeback fraud. It allows you to receive funds directly to your bank account. It facilitates bank deposits in 38 countries.
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GoUrl is an open source payment gateway which has no monthly fee. It doesn’t require you to have an ID or a bank account. It transfers payments straight to your bitcoin wallets. It allows you to deal with anyone, anywhere in the world, securely and anonymously without any fear of chargeback.

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Unocoin gateway offers a simple and instant solution for anyone to accept bitcoin as a medium of payment for their products and services. It does not charge its customers any fees to accept bitcoin as a payment method. It offers detailed information on how to integrate your business with its payment gateway.
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Coinify enables businesses and individuals to adopt financial innovation. Coinify's currency conversion services are tailored for businesses and customers of different sizes and needs.
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Spicepay allows you to accept payments in bitcoin and instantly withdraw funds in USD via PayPal, WebMoney, or bank transfer. It provides quick and efficient integration. You can sell your products and services to anyone, anywhere in the world, safely and affordably.

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Founded in June of 2012, Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Coinbase is based in San Francisco, California.

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Buy, sell & accept Bitcoin with CoinGate. It is your one stop gateway for Bitcoin and Altcoin payments. Use CoinGate to accept not just Bitcoin but also other crypto-currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and many more.

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Blockchain is the world's leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the largest production blockchain platform in the world, Blockchain uses new technology to build a radically better financial system. Blockchain has powered over 100M transactions and empowered users in 140 countries across the globe.

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SpectroCoin allows you to accept payments in Bitcoin, receive your funds instantly, in your currency, directly into your account with no frozen reserves. Also no chargebacks or refunds!

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CoinsBank's fast and simple set-up allows you to start accepting cryptocurrencies and serve customers all over the world without any barriers. CoinsBank provides easy setup for conversion, payouts based on time period or the accumulated amount in cryptocurrency or major currencies.

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FAQ's for Bitcoin Payment Gateways

What is the average transaction fee for Bitcoin payments?

Generally, merchants will have to pay 1-3% transaction fee per transaction; however, transaction fees are different for each payment processor. You can read more about it on Analyzo and find out the solution that best fits your needs.

Is it safe to accept Bitcoins on an eCommerce site?

If you already have an eCommerce business set up, you can instantly begin accepting Bitcoin by connecting your store with a BTC payment processor. Most eCommerce businesses already have existing integrations with payment gateways, which makes setting up Bitcoin payments considerably less demanding. 
Once you've settled on a Bitcoin payment gateway and have set up your system, you'll need to guarantee that all exchanges on your site — and additionally your funds — are secure. 
1. Stay up-to-date - Try not to disregard your software updates. Make sure that you're continually using the most recent rendition of the Bitcoin wallets, applications, or solutions you have so you can remain up-to-date regarding security and stability fixes. 
2. Strong passwords & multi-factor authentication - Ensure your wallet’s safety by using a solid, difficult to-figure secret password (or even better, a passphrase) that contains a blend of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. In case the bitcoin payment processor that you're using offers multi-factor authentication (e.g. expecting you to enter a code sent by means of SMS or email), you should take advantage of it. 
3. Backups - Backups can help defend your funds in the event of a security break (e.g. in the event that somebody hacks into your system or if your device gets stolen or broken into). 
4. Not keeping huge amount of funds in your wallet - Keep in mind, hackers and thieves can't take something that isn't there. Make it a point to every now and then transfer your funds offline or convert them to your local currency so you can have them in your (protected) bank account.

How can I accept Bitcoins from my customers?

Bitcoin has been around for a sufficiently long period of time to change the way our financial systems work. It is an open source, peer-to-peer encoded payment solution that has no regulatory authority and does not depend on old fashioned monetary establishments like banks. Rather, it offers a totally anonymous solution for trading goods & services while adding to the developing Bitcoin economy. To start accepting bitcoin payments, follow these steps:
1. Choose a bitcoin payment processor and open a bitcoin account
2. Add your bank details
3. Choose your currency
4. Accept bitcoin payments on your website

Are Bitcoin payment gateways secure?

They are by and large thought to be safe. Bitcoin transactions are secured using what's called public key cryptography encryption, a two-part encryption process that includes a blend of public and private information. Every exchange is publicly verified by the distributed community network of Bitcoin users. 

Why should I accept bitcoin payments?

Forward thinking business owners of all sizes are hopping onto the fast paced bitcoin wagon, majority of them to cut expenses and boost their bottom line. Here are the top reasons why merchants should start accepting payments via bitcoin: 
1. Low transaction fees - Per transaction fees for accepting Bitcoin is by and large lower than those charged while using credit and debit cards. This is the main motivation why small merchants prefer Bitcoin payments over card-based payments.
2. Fraud prevention - Since individuals can pay organizations in Bitcoin without disclosing personally identifiable data (names, billing addresses, and so on.), they appreciate a level of identity-theft protection that cards simply can't offer.
3. No chargebacks - Purchases made via bitcoin are final, so there are no chargebacks and no returns, similar to those in card dealings, yet another route transacting in the virtual currency saves vendors cash. 
4. Quick payments - Having money available is basic to survival for small businesses. Accepting Bitcoin payments can put money within your reach speedier than it does when you accept payments via a credit card. 
5. Ease of accepting international payments - Small online businesses and consultants frequently don't offer their products and services globally due to costly cross-border transaction fees. Bitcoin greatly reduces the lofty cost of international transactions, making cross-border payments simpler, speedier and less expensive.

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